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Before she could even finish the word "Hello", Jian Ran was so shocked by the other person in front of him.

He was not the only person in Liu Chengkun's office, there was also a tall man wearing a black suit.

The man stood in front of the wide french window with his hands behind his back, and his soft gaze gently fell on Jian Ran's body.

The two of them looked at each other, silently watching each other. Neither of them moved their gaze away.

After being separated for three years, Jian Ran had thought that she would no longer feel any waves when she saw this person again.

Seeing this face that was so familiar that it could not be more familiar, all sorts of bad memories flooded into Jian Ran's heart like floodwaters, ruthlessly tearing the scar that she had just healed as though blood was slowly flowing out from her heart.

Jian Ran wanted to turn around and leave, but the heavy pain from the past stopped her. She couldn't move at all and could only stare at the man in front of her.

After looking at each other for a long time, the man walked towards her, walked to her side, and said with a smile: "Boss Liu, I presume this is the Miss Jian that you have praised so much."

The man's voice, especially the words "Miss Jian", struck her right in the face as though she had been struck in the head with a bat. It immediately cleared her mind a little.

"Young Master Gu, yes." Liu Chengkun nodded his head and said, "Miss Jian, this is our Gu's. He wants to hear what you think about this project."

Jian Ran clenched her fists, and quietly inhaled a breath of cool air, trying her best to maintain a professional smile: Young Master Gu, hello!

Although she tried her best to maintain a professional smile, her voice was still shaky.

Liu Chengkun said again: "I heard Manager Zhao say that Miss Jian is very meticulous in preparing this case, then please tell me now."

"Director Liu, you're too kind." Jian Ran took a deep breath again and opened up her notebook, trying her best to ignore the existence of another man and sincerely express her opinion on this project.

During the explanation, she felt a fiery gaze staring at her, but she chose to ignore it.

While talking, the secretary came in and called Liu Chengkun away. Jian Ran didn't notice this at all and when she found out, the only people left in the office was her and the man called Young Master Gu.

There was no one else in the office, the smile on Jian Ran's face disappeared, she stood up and was about to leave without saying goodbye.

The man's movements were much faster than hers. He stretched out his long arm and pulled her into his embrace with all his strength. From the depths of his heart, he shouted out two words filled with deep emotion, "Of course ..."

Jian Ran struggled out of his embrace with all her might, and clenched her fists by his side. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, her eyes were cold: "Sir, please have some self-respect."

After throwing those words, Jian Ran turned around and was about to leave when the man stretched out her hand to grab her wrist once more. "Of course, this matter has already been three years.

Jian Ran wanted to shake off his hand, but his strength was too strong, so strong that it hurt even when he pinched her wrist, she could not shake her off at all.

Jian Ran took a deep breath, endured the heart-wrenching pain, and said coldly: "Sir, please let go of me, or else don't blame me for being ruthless."

The man didn't pay any attention to what she had said as he said affectionately, "Of course. Sit down and let's have a good chat."

"I told you to let go." Jian Ran bit her lips, turned her head and blinked a few times, forcing back the tears that she was so anxious to shed.

Three years ago, she had not shed a single tear, and now, three years later, even more so, she would not shed tears for people she should not have.

The man pulled her into his embrace once again and hugged her tightly. He called her name again and again, "Of course, of course ..."

Jian Ran struggled with all of her strength, but unfortunately, there was a huge difference in strength between males and females. Even if she used all of her strength, she was still unable to push the man in front of her away.

Jian Ran strove for a long time but still couldn't struggle free from him. She knew that what she was doing was useless, so she didn't struggle wildly.

Seeing that she had quieted down, the man pushed her out of his embrace and placed his hands on her shoulders. "Of course. Now that I'm here to pick you up, come back with me. Your parents and your sister are very worried about you. "

Hearing her words, Jian Ran suddenly calmed down, and abnormally said calmly: "Who are you? What right do you have to say that to me? "

Call her back?

Would she be able to return it?

Three years ago, when they had abandoned her as an abandoned child, they should have known that they would never be able to return to the original world.

"Of course ..."

"Don't call me that! If you call me that, it will only make me sick. " Jian Ran interrupted him and suppressed the pain in her heart. She tried her best to calm down as she said, "I'm living a good life now, please do not appear in front of me and disturb my life again."

"Are you doing well?" The man reached out his hand to pinch her chin, forcing her to raise her head and meet his gaze. He slowly said word by word, "Of course, if I didn't intentionally give you Starlight's project, do you really think a mere Innovation Technology like you could stand out among dozens of companies to win Starlight's bid?"

Jian Ran bit her lips and looked at him coldly: "You ...."

The man's words were like a steel knife that stabbed deep into Jian Ran's heart, forcefully cutting off his pride and arrogance in his work.

Over the past three years, she had worked hard, lived hard, and had created everything she could do by her own efforts. However, after working hard for so long, this was the answer she received.

It was not that her hard work had paid off, but over the past three years, she had been playing around in his hands like a clown.

Jian Ran closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then she smiled: "Thank you Young Master Gu for your good intentions, I thank you on behalf of my company's staff."

"Of course, I did all this for you." The man raised his hand to touch her face, but before he could do so, she slapped him away.

Jian Ran clenched her teeth: Don't touch me, I'm dirty!

With these harsh words, she turned and walked to the door. She reached out her hand to twist the handle, but the door had already been locked from the outside.

She turned and glared at him. "What on earth are you trying to do?"

"Of course, I won't hurt you." "I just want to hug you and feel that you really exist at my side."

Jian Ran leaned on the wall and moved to the left, wanting to increase the distance between the two of them. However, the man was not in a rush, as if he had eaten her, and slowly approached her: "Of course ..."

The fiery temper in Jian Ran's bones started to burn as she grabbed the Smoke Ash Cup on the table and said, "I told you not to come over."

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