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Qin Yue reached out and gently rubbed Jian Ran's head, "No matter what you do, you must first have an idea. If she didn't have any ideas, how could she accomplish anything? When the company is recruiting people, I pay a lot of attention to their imagination. "

When he said this, with the tone of a leader, it made Jian Ran feel that she was taking a stroll with the company's aloof CEO and not with her own husband.

However, Jian Ran didn't mind in the slightest what kind of status Qin Yue had as being by her side.

It was a great pleasure for her to have someone willing to listen to her own impractical thoughts.

She added: "Don't say I can't make that much money in my life. Even if one day we get lucky and win the lottery, we won't get the government's approval. "

Jian Ran was very clear that this was destined to only be one of her thoughts, it was a beautiful dream that she had woven for herself. Not only in this lifetime, but also in the next.

Hearing her dejected tone, Qin Yue did not say anything to console her.

At the same time, Qin Yue also noticed that when Jian Ran was saying all these, in her plans, in her fantasies, she had always been the only one.

In the end, Jian Ran was unable to resist the sleepiness brought by the alcohol.

In her daze, she faintly felt Qin Yue take off his jacket and cover her with it. He even hugged her in his arms, lightly patting her back with his thick and big palms.

Maybe it was just an illusion created by the alcohol, but Jian Ran was very optimistic. She was willing to believe that this moment of happiness was real, believing that she could still have happiness after being abandoned by so many people in front of her abandoned son.

That's right, she had worked so hard to live and work so hard. Wasn't it because she wanted to live a happier and happier life?

Now that happiness is beckoning to her, she seems to be getting closer and closer to happiness. Just thinking about it makes her want to have beautiful dreams!

He didn't know how he got home, nor did he know how he slept on the bed. In any case, he woke up the same as last time at Bluesea Villa, wearing only a nightgown.

This time, she was not as shocked as the last time, as if she knew that even if she was in a situation where she did not know anything, Qin Yue would not even touch her.

Raising his head slightly, he saw a man in a silver grey suit sitting on a single person's sofa by the window, reading a newspaper.

In just a short span of one month, every day when he opened his eyes, he would look at the figure seated by the window. It seemed to be a habit of Jian Ran's.

"He woke up." Hearing her voice, Qin Yue raised his head and looked over. His gaze was clear and cold, as if the man who had forcefully kissed her and walked with her last night wasn't him at all.

But compared to Qin Yue's calm and normal reaction, what made Jian Ran even more shocked was the continuous sound of him obediently squatting at Qin Yue's feet.

However, today she was obediently squatting at Qin Yue's feet. From time to time, she would rub her head on Qin Yue's feet, looking extremely obedient.

A single night could change the tense situation between a man and a dog. What had happened between them that she didn't know about?

"Morning!" Seeing that Qin Yue's relationship with his wife had improved, Jian Ran's tone of voice became a bit lighter.

Hearing her voice, Em immediately ran over with her tail wagging. She then jumped onto the bed and threw herself into Jian Ran's embrace, wailing a few times with the intent to act coquettish.

Jian Ran caressed its head, "Good baby, mother is very pleased to see that you and Uncle Qin are getting along well."

Qin Yue put down the newspaper in his hands and walked over with large strides, picking Em up: "Let's go out and wait for you to eat breakfast."

Unbroken: "Woof woof woof ..."

Jian Ran, "..."

Why did she feel that these two people ...

No, it was not just two people, it was Qin Yue, a man, and a dog. Their relationship looked harmonious on the surface, but they were actually competing in secret.

Jian Ran changed into her work clothes and washed her face and rinsed her mouth. She saw that the breakfast table had changed again.

Jian Ran had to praise her because the aunt who helped Qin Yue cook was really diligent. Every morning, she would change into something else and never repeat anything.

By the dining table, Qin Yue was already enjoying his breakfast, but on the dining table, he was waiting for her.

His eyes fell on her, as if he was pleased with her new work clothes.

The company had changed the work clothes of all the female employees yesterday, and changed the standard suit and shirt with short skirt into a suit suit for the four seasons.

Lin Mei and the others also said that the Boss Qin was considerate, they didn't need to wear short dresses in the cold winter anymore, they were simply beautiful and cold.

Of course, other than the Hutt's aid, no one else would know that the thoughtful Boss Qin had ordered them to change into work clothes because he did not want his wife to be seen wearing a skirt.

Qin Yue passed the bowl of porridge to Jian Ran and said, "Today, I'm going to Lin City to discuss a project. I won't be back until tomorrow."

Jian Ran drank a mouthful of moderate temperature sweet potato porridge and nodded, "Go and busy yourself with what you need to do, don't worry about me. There's a continuous stream of them accompanying me. "

Ethereal Whistle barked twice, indicating that it was fine if Qin Yue was not there, it could stay at home to accompany its mother.

Jian Ran caressed her head and said, "Ruanmama will be good at home today as well. Mommy will bring you something nice to eat tonight."

She rubbed her head against Jian Ran's hands a few more times, as if to show that she had been very obedient.

Jian Ran and Eternal Heaven had a great interaction, and completely forgot Qin Yue who was sitting on the other side.

Qin Yue ate in silence, his movements still as graceful as before. However, if one were to look closely, they could see the dissatisfaction in his eyes.

Ethereal is a very spiritual animal. When Qin Yue glared at it, it understood and didn't show any signs of weakness as it howled and returned.

Jian Ran looked at Qin Yue and then looked at his again before coming to the conclusion that Qin Yue was really petty.

Starlight's Director Liu had returned from the capital today, and even if Jian Ran wanted to hand over the newly written business plan, he did not have much free time.

This time, Starlight's CEO Liu had assigned Jian Ran to be responsible for the project. She told himself that he must be more diligent than before in order to not disappoint Director Liu's affirmation of his work.

Jian Ran busied herself with the company for the whole morning, and after lunch, she reported the plan to Zhao Junqing and then rushed to Starlight City to look for Boss Liu.

The secretary brought Jian Ran to Director Liu's office and indicated for him to wait for her for a long time.

Jian Ran still knocked on the door of the office. After hearing the words "please enter", she pushed open the door and entered: "Boss Liu, you ..."

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