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Before Qin Yue started the car, he lightly stroked the corner of his lips, and a slight smile appeared in his clear and cold eyes.

The car rolled slowly out of the parking lot and quickly merged into the noisy traffic of the city. However, the interior of the car was so quiet that even the breathing of the two of them seemed a little loud.

Jian Ran sat upright, and looked out of the window, she did not dare to look straight at Qin Yue, but she could not help but look at him secretly.

He was very serious as he drove, looking straight ahead, as if what had just happened had never happened.

Jian Ran curled her lips and harrumphed in her heart -- A cold and detached man!

Half an hour later, the car stopped in front of a skyscraper.

Qin Yue threw the car keys to the staff member and walked into the hall with Jian Ran.

The skyscraper was 69 stories high, and was the tallest building in Asia when it was built. It was also the landmark building that had been in Jiangbei City for many years.

The skyscraper was located in the most prosperous business center of Jiangbei City, it had many people and many tall buildings, especially on the top floor of the skyscraper where the sightseeing restaurant would be even more famous.

Many visitors from other places would come in for tickets, sit quietly and enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Fragrant River City, which was separated by the Jiangbei River.

When Jian Ran first came to the Jiangbei, she came here with Ling Feiyu. Just the entrance fee to this building was eighty yuan, and there was no need to mention the price of the dishes in the viewing region.

However, even though it was expensive, there was still an endless stream of customers coming and going every day, as if it had never stopped.

It was not even 8 PM today, but when they waited for the elevator, Jian Ran saw no one else.

As Jian Ran was thinking, her hand was once again held by the warm big palm. Qin Yue held her hand, walked up the VIP steps, and rushed straight to the 69th floor.

His hands were really very warm, or maybe it was because Jian Ran's hands were really very cold. When he held her hand like this, Jian Ran really coveted the warmth he gave her.

She raised her head and looked at him, and laughed: "Qin Yue, you're inviting me here to eat?"

He faced the elevator door and stood perfectly straight. Just when Jian Ran thought that he wouldn't answer, he heard him say, "Mhm."

It was only a light "En", but Jian Ran felt that it was enough. He spoke very little, and she didn't know it until today.

Not long after, the elevator arrived at the 69th floor. The place which used to be packed with people was now very quiet. Other than the staff members, no one else could be seen.

The LOVE restaurant was surrounded by roses of all colors. In the middle of the room, there was a table, and on the table, the roses were arranged in the shape of a heart.

"Mr. Qin, Mrs. Qin, this way please!" A beautiful female waiter came up to welcome them, although she was speaking politely, her gaze was not looking at Jian Ran at all.

The attendant's gaze practically glued onto Qin Yue's body, as though he did not care that Qin Yue had another Jian Ran by his side.

Jian Ran thought in her heart. A woman's looks is a disaster, this man is a demon! When this woman looked at the handsome man, her gaze was even simpler and more rough than a man's when she looked at a beautiful woman.

Qin Yue suddenly stopped and looked at the female attendant coldly: "Have your manager come over."

The waitress laughed: "Mr. Qin, I am the person in charge of this restaurant."

Qin Yue raised his eyebrows, and said gloomily: "We should change the person in charge of this restaurant."

The female service personnel's smile instantly turned into a wry smile, but her professional standards still forced her to force out a smile, and she said: "Mr. Qin, please come over here. I'll get the others to come over."

After sitting down, Jian Ran couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Qin Yue looked at her strangely. "What's so funny?"

Jian Ran forced herself not to laugh, and raised her head to look at him: "You treat all the women that love you like this?"

"You like me?" Qin Yue raised his eyebrows, and said very straightforwardly, "I don't like her."

The female attendant from before had a really good figure. Ordinary men wouldn't reject her so easily.

Perhaps it was the first time that the woman had been rejected in such an obvious manner, which was why her expression turned so unsightly in that instant.

Jian Ran suddenly thought of what Ling Feiyu had said, and couldn't help but look at Qin Yue twice, ordinary men would not have the heart to reject beautiful women, so could it be that Qin Yue really didn't like women?

Thinking about it, Jian Ran looked at Qin Yue with a little probing gaze.

If he really didn't like women, was that good or bad for her?

The melodious music played. It was a tune that Jian Ran was very familiar with and liked, and it was your fragrance.

Hearing that, Jian Ran could not help but snort along, her eyebrows dancing in the air, her eyes sparkling and translucent, as though she was a spirit.

Humming, Jian Ran felt an exceptionally gentle gaze, and raised her head to see Qin Yue looking at her quietly.

She smiled at him. "It's one of my favorite songs."

Qin Yue signaled the waiter to pour them some red wine and raised his glass: "Do you want some?"

Jian Ran glanced at Lafite, from 82 years old, this wine was extremely expensive for a working-class like her. Normally, she would not have the chance to drink this wine, but now that she had a tycoon boss to treat her to a meal, she would definitely not be polite.

She clinked her glass with Qin Yue's and said, "Cheers!"

Qin Yue's sword-like eyebrows slightly rose, "Cheers!"

Jian Ran raised his cup and downed the wine in it, exuding a kind of heroic and imposing aura.

Qin Yue shook his head helplessly. "This is not how you drink wine."

It was not that he cared so much about the wine, but Jian Ran's way of drinking it was easy to get drunk and he did not seem like a woman at all. It was more like the wild Jian Ran that was hidden deep within her bones.

The Jian Ran of three years ago possessed an incomparable vigor, and was brimming with youth; the current Jian Ran, was hiding all the angles of three years ago, and there was an additional sense of tranquility in her body.

Regardless of whether it was three years ago or even after three years, the only thing that Jian Ran did not change was her attitude towards life and her passion towards work.

Jian Ran was not done with her words, she instinctively licked her cherry lips that were shining like water.

It was originally an unintentional action, but in Qin Yue's eyes, it was extremely alluring, and a different light slowly rose in his eyes.

However, Jian Ran was completely unaware of this, and said excitedly: "This wine tastes pretty good, let's have another cup of wine before lunch."

This time, Qin Yue stopped the waiter from pouring it, he personally poured it for Jian Ran and said: "Drink slower."

"Alright." Jian Ran answered, but her body did not listen to him, as she drank the wine in her cup again.

"Drinking wine on an empty stomach is easy to get drunk." Qin Yue waved to the waiter to bring the dishes over.

He had someone prepare two pieces of fruit salad and a fillet steak, both of which were cooked to perfection.

Now, it was almost 9 in the evening. Jian Ran had not eaten lunch, so when the steak was served, she couldn't wait to take action.

However, when her blade and fork made a sound, Qin Yue remained silent as if he had not moved at all.

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