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Qin Yue raised his eyebrows, the look in his eyes turning dark and gloomy under the golden mirror.

As the leader of the Sheng Tian Group, how many people could do anything to see him?

In her eyes, however, he was less important than five hundred dollars and a dog.

This was the first time in his life that Qin Yue felt that he had been ignored.

"Woof woof woof ..." She also barked a few times to express her dissatisfaction with this newcomer.

Jian Ran hurriedly covered its mouth, "Miasma, stop messing around. Let Mother and Uncle Qin have a good talk. Mother believes that Uncle Qin, such a cultured person, would definitely not be unreasonable. "

Qin Yue looked at the man and dog in front of him, and only spoke after a long while: "I did not dislike it, nor did I ask you to sell it."

Jian Ran, "..."

Qin Yue said, "Since it is yours, I will try to accept it."

Jian Ran pursed her lips: "Thank you!"

Qin Yue did not speak anymore as he elegantly ate his breakfast once again. After he finished eating, he went out to work as usual.

Jian Ran wanted to take the initiative to talk to him several times, but in the end, she didn't say it out loud. This man was so cold when she turned cold, it made people feel cold from the bottom of their hearts.

At noon, because Jian Ran wanted to reorganize the Star Radiance Project's project plan, he did not go to the Lily Restaurant to eat after Director Liu returned tomorrow.

When Qin Yue called in the afternoon, Zhao Junqing was in the middle of expressing her opinions, but Jian Ran did not call him.

She wanted to call him back after she got busy, but her mind was full of work, how would she remember to call Qin Yue?

When they neared the end of the work period, Qin Yue called out to the Hutt's aid, "What do you women usually get angry about?"

Xu Huiyi immediately guessed that there was a problem between him and Jian Ran. She thought for a while and said, "There is no reason for a woman to be angry."

Qin Yue raised his eyebrows.

Probably because he was so angry last night and didn't pay attention to Jian Ran, she protested in a way that he didn't pay attention to her.

Xu Huiyi then said, "However, women are soft-hearted animals, as long as you coax her, she will be fine."

After hearing Xu Huiyi's answer, Qin Yue thought about it again. In his entire life, he had never thought of coaxing a woman before, and simply did not know how to coax her.

Xu Huiyi silently tried to guess at her superior's thoughts, and when it was appropriate, she said, "Girls all prefer romance. For example, sending her flowers or asking her out for a meal. That's enough. "

Qin Yue raised his eyebrows as he looked at Xu Huiyi, and Xu Huiyi immediately continued, "I know that there is a restaurant that rotates in the air in Jiangbei, a place that many couples love to go to. Unfortunately, this restaurant is owned by the businesses of the Sheng Tian, so you should refuse to open for business with the outside world. "

Qin Yue still did not say anything, but from the slight change in his expression, Xu Huiyi already knew that he agreed to it.

Qin Yue was disgusted by wasting his time on a woman, but since the other party was his wife, Jian Ran, he did not feel that it was annoying.

In the afternoon, Zhao Junqing gave his opinion on Jian Ran's proposal book, and his opinion was extremely accurate, so Jian Ran made a huge change to it.

When she thought that it was already seven in the evening, Jian Ran finally remembered Qin Yue.

She saved files, shut down...

Who would have thought that the moment she raised her head, she would see a tall figure standing in front of her desk.

Instinctively, Jian Ran looked around left and right. When she saw that no one was around, she asked, "Why are you here?"

When he didn't answer her call, he came here to wait for her. He had been standing there for at least ten minutes, but she was too busy with her work to notice his presence.

After finishing his work, he finally found him. He had a look of being frightened, Qin Yue suddenly wanted to fire her.

He coughed to hide his displeasure with her.

"Are you waiting for me to go home and cook?" Jian Ran said as she cleaned up the room, "I'm sorry, I forgot about it when I was busy.

Seeing that he did not say anything, Jian Ran said: "I'll treat."

Qin Yue didn't say anything as he reached out and dragged Jian Ran away.

This was still within the company, although there was no one around, but the company had monitoring systems, and if people saw him, it would not be good. Jian Ran wanted to shake him off, but he was dragged even tighter.

He dragged her into the CEO's private elevator and went straight to the underground parking lot to get into his silver Bentley.

Jian Ran sat obediently in the front passenger seat, and turned to look at Qin Yue. Seeing his cold expression, he gave off a very serious feeling, causing her to subconsciously move closer to the door.

Qin Yue dodged instinctively and hit her head on the car door with a thud, causing her to gasp in pain.

"Don't move!" Seeing that she had hit her head, Qin Yue's face darkened, and quickly helped her buckle up, "Come over here, let me see."

"I ..." Jian Ran originally wanted to refuse, but seeing his cold expression, she didn't dare to refuse, so she could only blush as she obediently approached him.

So it turned out that Qin Yue's' pounce 'was purely because he wanted to buckle her seat belt, and her imagination was running wild again.

Thinking that Qin Yue had seen through his pure intentions, Jian Ran lowered his head and bit his lips, wanting to hide under the carriage for a while.

She felt Qin Yue brush away her hair, and lightly press his finger on her head, as if he was very serious about seeing if she was injured or not.

In the next second, Jian Ran felt that something was wrong, his long and slender fingers moved down from her head to her face, her thick fingers moving around her cheeks.

Qin Yue's fingertip movements were very light and gentle, making others feel as if he was stroking a top-quality gem.

Jian Ran was so scared that her breathing stopped, her heart thumped loudly. She closed her eyes, not daring to look at Yue Yang.

However, before Qin Yue could make his next move, Jian Ran blinked his eyes. He wanted to see what exactly he was doing.

With that glance, Jian Ran saw Qin Yue's enlarged and handsome face approaching him, and his warm lips lightly pressed against hers.

He only lightly touched her like a dragonfly touching water, then let her go and said with his incomparably alluring sexy voice, "Is it okay now?"

"What?" Jian Ran couldn't react to what he meant, and only after a long time did she react. This man thought that she was waiting for him to kiss her.

Ahhh ...

Jian Ran clenched her fists and resisted the urge to hit him.

Since he thought she was waiting for him to kiss her, then she ...

Jian Ran unfastened her seat belt and suddenly threw herself forward, her pink lips pressing heavily on Qin Yue's lips. She stayed there for a few seconds, longer than when Qin Yue had kissed her, as if they were fighting.

Then she quickly left, returning to her seat belt and buckling it. She wanted to pretend that nothing had happened, but she couldn't help but blush even more.

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