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It was said that full moon was the night of family reunion, but her heart was empty.

A person without home is like a tree without roots, like a kite with a broken string, no matter where you go, your heart will not be at peace.

"Dad, Mom ..." Jian Ran gently called out to the people she had missed for a long time, her eyes red, "It's been three years, have you guys given it a thought?"

She was also the biological daughter of her parents. However, after that incident, they had abandoned her and left her alone in a foreign land. For three years, no one had thought of her.

Three years, Jian Ran sometimes felt as if it had passed in the blink of an eye, and sometimes also felt like a lifetime had passed.

All these years, she had deliberately ignored their news, afraid that what she saw would make her unable to walk out of the abyss of pain.

But did it really not matter if he did not pay attention?

She shook her head with a wry smile. In reality, the scar in her heart was like a tumor, tormenting her from time to time.

Now, although she had married a very good and considerate man in all respects, that floating heart still couldn't find a sense of security and belonging.

Perhaps the aftereffects of the wine was too strong, as she soaked in it. Thinking about it, Jian Ran only felt that her head was becoming more and more sleepy, and then she lost consciousness and didn't know anything.

After Qin Yue finished with all the documents, he returned to his room. The light in the room was on, but he did not see Jian Ran.

He waited for a while, but before he could see her, he took his cell phone and called her. When he got through, her cell phone rang in his room.

Qin Yue immediately thought that she must have gone to soak in a hot spring. Drinking wine and bathing in a hot spring, just in case ...

He immediately went downstairs to the hot spring pool in the backyard. When he rushed over, he saw Jian Ran's profile picture nodding like a chick eating rice, lighting it up and diving into the hot spring pool.

Qin Yue rushed into the hot spring pool and scooped Jian Ran up. He was a little angry, so angry that she fell asleep while bathing in the hot spring.

If he hadn't come in time, her little life would have been lost.

His face was cold, but Jian Ran, who was in his embrace, did not notice his anger in the slightest. She even instinctively rubbed against the heat, and her face was drenched from the water that covered Qin Yue's shirt.

Qin Yue carried Jian Ran back to her room with a gloomy face, the problem came up again.

He couldn't just throw her under the covers in her wet bathing suit.

Qin Yue carried her into the bathroom and got ready to charge her.

When he helped Jian Ran flush the water, Jian Ran, who was unconscious, softly fell into Qin Yue's embrace.

Her gentle and beautiful figure and her smooth and exquisite skin seemed to be silently luring Qin Yue.

Qin Yue's eyes darkened and his Adam's apple rolled twice. He hurriedly swallowed a mouthful of saliva and pretended that he didn't see anything.

However, Jian Ran's body was not honest at all. She twisted her body and even reached out to hug his skinny waist, then laid her head on his chest and sighed in satisfaction.

Qin Yue was a normal man, if he let Jian Ran continue like this, he could not guarantee that he could still suppress the thirst in his body.

Thus, before things got out of hand, he took a deep breath, grabbed a towel from the side, wrapped it around the naked Jian Ran, and carried her back to her room.

Qin Yue tucked Jian Ran into his bed and put him on her. Looking at Jian Ran's captivating red face, the expression in her eyes darkened even more.

Qin Yue took another deep breath and immediately turned around to take a cold shower in the bathroom.

After showering, Qin Yue returned to his room. Jian Ran had already kicked the blanket on top of his bed away, lying on it in a big shape without a care for his image.

He and Jian Ran had registered for the wedding a month ago, and during his absence from business, the two of them had been sleeping together. Which night did Jian Ran not behave herself?

He went to pick up the quilt and covered her again.

Jian Ran suddenly flipped over and with a stomp, she kicked the blanket away again.

The Jiangbei City was located in the south. Although the weather was not very cold, they were by the sea and the night wind was strong. If she continued to cause trouble like this, she would definitely catch a cold.

Qin Yue shook his head, he could only lie down and hugged the dishonest Jian Ran, before pulling the blanket up to cover her.

Jian Ran instinctively went closer to the source of the heat and burrowed her head into Qin Yue's embrace. After rubbing against it for a bit, she finally became more obedient.

When Jian Ran woke up, the sky was already bright.

When she opened her eyes, she instinctively looked towards the window, but unexpectedly, she did not see Qin Yue this time.

During this period of time, as long as he opened his eyes, Qin Yue could be seen sitting by the window, reading a newspaper.

She turned around and picked up her phone. When she saw that her phone had been switched to flight mode, the time displayed on the screen was 12: 23.

In other words, she slept until noon and missed the department's morning expansion.

Jian Ran suddenly sat up, then jumped off the bed with a "peng" sound, and immediately rushed towards the washroom.

However, just as she took a step forward, Jian Ran stopped in her tracks.

Her memory still lingered on last night when she was bathing in the hot spring. Now, however, she was wearing a nightgown. The nightgown was completely empty.

In other words, she had fallen asleep in the hot spring last night. Qin Yue had carried her back to her room and even helped her change her clothes.

Jian Ran quickly pulled open her collar to take a look. Seeing that she was still fine, she could not help but heave a sigh of relief, but before she could finish puking, she remembered that she had been seen through by Qin Yue without her knowledge.

She threw herself back on the bed, shyly saying," "Aaa ..."

"What's wrong?"

Qin Yue's low and sexy voice sounded out in the room, scaring Jian Ran to the point that her body stiffened.

Jian Ran quietly looked up. Qin Yue was sitting on the sofa in the other corner of the room with a folder in his hands. He was looking at her.

So it turned out that he had been in the room the entire time, but he had not made a sound. Thus, he had taken in all of her childish actions just now.

Jian Ran suddenly felt like there was a hole in the ground, and she decided to hide for a while.

Seeing that she did not reply, Qin Yue put down the document and walked over, then asked: "Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?"

"I'm fine." Jian Ran covered herself with her pillow, she really didn't have the face to face him.

Qin Yue had already taken in her actions just now, but he remained calm and collected as he said, "Get up and pack up. We'll head back together after eating dinner."

Jian Ran said in a low voice: "I still have to participate in the department's activities in the afternoon."

Qin Yue said: "I got Hutt's aid to give you a leave of absence."

Jian Ran, "..."

The car this time was not the Land Rover that Qin Yue was driving to work in, but a silver grey car that was driven by a driver. The license plate of the car was A1688, and the logo on the steering wheel was even more amazing.

Because there were people who liked to research cars, Jian Ran had a lot of knowledge on this. She knew that this was a model of Mu Shang that was worth millions.

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