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Even when everyone's blood was boiling, they did not forget how big their CEO was.

For a time, the fact that the CEO Great Assembly would not participate in this event had become the focus of everyone's attention.

While her colleagues were thinking about this question, Jian Ran was also thinking about Qin Yue.

Qin Yue had been out on a business trip this week and it had been a few days since she last saw him. When would he be able to return?

Although he would call back on time every night, her relationship with him had yet to reach the point where they could talk about anything. Many times, the two people on both ends of the phone were silent.

At this time, someone started an event in the company's event group. They bet that the CEO Great Assembly would not participate in this event.

Five hundred yuan wasn't a lot. For a moment, many people responded. The tens of people inside had all bet, going or not was almost a draw.

Lin Mei and Wang Weiming ran over at the same time and found Jian Ran.

Jian Ran seriously analyzed it for a while.

Although Qin Yue had a cold personality, it was the first time since he took office that the company organized such a huge event. Furthermore, they were going to such a rich and powerful place, and it should be something that he instructed the Hutt's aid to prepare.

When they were close to the end of the day, Jian Ran received a call from Qin Yue. Knowing that he had come back from a business trip, Jian Ran went back to the supermarket to buy ingredients, daily necessities and snacks for her trip tomorrow.

After returning home, Qin Yue was still busy in the study room. He greeted and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

While they were eating, Qin Yue still did not say a word, but continued to eat with graceful movements.

Jian Ran peeked at him a few times, and in the end, bravely asked: "Qin Yue, will you participate in tomorrow's event organized by the company?"

As if he didn't hear her question, Qin Yue continued to eat his meal seriously.

He didn't answer but Jian Ran felt a little awkward as she lowered her head to eat again.

After a long while, Qin Yue put down his chopsticks, wiped his mouth with a tissue and casually replied, "I'm not interested in this kind of activity."

Qin Yue did not say that directly, but obviously, he did not want to.

"Oh." Jian Ran muttered an "oh", the disappointment in her voice was hard to conceal.

"What is it? You want me to go? " Seeing Jian Ran's disappointed expression, Qin Yue suddenly said these words.

Jian Ran scratched her head and laughed foolishly, thinking, it doesn't matter if you go or not, what I care about is the five hundred yuan I bet.

Under the bright chandelier lights, Qin Yue's eyebrows slightly raised. Since she wanted him to go, as his husband, he should make a trip.

The next day, Jian Ran woke up early, but she was still early.

They had lived together for a while now, no matter how early she woke up, Qin Yue had already dressed properly when he woke up and was sitting by the window reading the financial newspaper.

Sometimes, Jian Ran felt that Qin Yue did not seem to be a person who lived in this era.

His routine was outrageous. Every day, he took time to read the papers that were about to go out of business, rather than learn about them through the Internet.

"Get up!" He looked up at her, then down at the newspaper.

"En, morning!" Jian Ran looked at him and found it hard to shift his gaze away.

Today, he was wearing a pure white casual attire, sitting quietly on the single sofa by the window. His long and slender legs were crossed randomly, and the morning sunlight gently shone through the window onto his body, causing him to appear slightly warmer.

This man was simply not a human being, but a work of art that was rare in the world, so beautiful that one would have liked to keep him.

Jian Ran's burning gaze caught Qin Yue's attention, but he did not care about it, and continued to calmly read the newspaper in her hands.

His appearance often attracted countless gazes of infatuation, which made him feel disgusted, but he did not hate Jian Ran looking at him with such a fixed gaze.

After a long while, Jian Ran's gaze still did not leave her, he raised her head and looked at her: "Aren't we still going to participate in the activities organized by the company?"

"I almost forgot if you didn't say it." Jian Ran laughed awkwardly, and randomly found an excuse.

She had originally thought that a work of art like Qin Yue would definitely be able to sell for a good price if she sold it, but Qin Yue's voice was like a splash of cold water that woke her up.

The company rented two to fifty buses to send colleagues to Bluesea Villa for vacation.

While the department heads were counting, everyone's eyes were looking left and right, waiting to see if CEO would come.

Lin Mei said while standing beside Jian Ran: "May the heavens bless you, CEO has to come no matter what, you have to come no matter what."

Jian Ran blurted out, "He won't come."

Lin Mei looked at Jian Ran with wide eyes: "How did you know?"

Jian Ran realized that she had leaked the information, and immediately added: "CEO is usually a very punctual person, I haven't even seen a shadow of him today, he definitely won't come."

Lin Mei lowered her head in disappointment, and the female colleague beside him also sighed in disappointment.

The thoughts of the female colleagues were very clear. Normally, they wouldn't be able to see how big CEO was, nor did they have the chance to show off in front of him. This trip was definitely an opportunity for them.

Everyone took out their beautiful clothes, wanting to show their faces in front of CEO, but never came.

It took more than an hour to arrive at Bluesea Villa at the seaside. The first thing he did when he arrived was to get a room card.

Jian Ran was originally in the same room as Lin Mei, but who would have thought that Xu Huiyi would suddenly stand out: "Jian Ran, the rooms here aren't enough, you should stay in the same room as me."

Xu Huiyi was a popular person beside CEO. Everyone was envious of her because she had requested for Jian Ran to stay in a room for them.

After everyone brought out their room cards, they were all busy going to take a look at the rooms. Xu Huiyi then said: "Everyone, please wait for a moment. Boss Qin has something to say to everyone."

Boss Qin!

Everyone's eyes lit up. Boss Qin really came?

Under everyone's expectant gaze, Qin Yue, who was wearing a silver coloured hand-cut suit, slowly walked out from the door. Every step he took caused the hearts of his female colleagues to thump loudly.

Seeing Qin Yue's appearance, Jian Ran thought that not only did she almost escape with her five hundred yuan, she could even win a few hundred yuan.

When Qin Yue's gaze swept over them, she saw that Jian Ran was smiling brilliantly. She thought to herself that she had only taken the time to walk around, yet he had made her so happy?

He walked over and politely smiled at the others, "Everyone enjoy and eat to your heart's content. The company will be responsible for all the expenses."

Everyone jumped in excitement, they almost wanted to shout "Long live CEO". Only Jian Ran stood behind everyone silently, thinking that being rich was just too willful.

Xu Huiyi made an excuse and said that they had finished sharing the rooms, then she led Jian Ran to the independent villa in the vacation area.

Seeing the scenery here, Jian Ran's heart was thumping. Could it be that Xu Huiyi had brought her here for another purpose?

Jian Ran's guess was right, Xu Huiyi sent him to Qin Yue's private territory.

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