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Walking out of the Lily Hotel, Jian Ran looked around guiltily. Only after not seeing any familiar faces did she finally let out a sigh of relief.

Having dinner with her husband and worrying about being seen by others, she felt that it was rather ridiculous when she recalled it later on.

Jian Ran sighed helplessly. If she knew that Qin Yue would turn out to be the new CEO of the company, would she have married him so easily?

At this moment, Jian Ran could not give herself an answer to this question, nor was she willing to think too much into it.

Returning back to her office, Jian Ran received a notice from the department manager, telling the few colleagues in charge of the bidding project to prepare properly. In the afternoon, they would discuss the project with CEO.

Starlight was a game development company and also a subsidiary of Gu's Group, a famous enterprise in China.

The Gu's Group was one of the top enterprises in the country. There were a lot of companies that wanted to cooperate with them, so wanting to win out from dozens of bidding companies was not an easy thing.

Starlight Invitation Project was the most important project that Innovation Technology had planned for this year. Qin Yue had just taken over the position of CEO, so it was understandable that he would pay attention to the development of the project, but Jian Ran felt a little uneasy.

She was already restless due to Qin Yue's disturbance. She still had to work with him in the afternoon, so she was worried that her work would be affected by him.

Jian Ran and her colleagues had reached the meeting room in advance and had prepared all the information they needed, but their hearts were still in suspense.

"Jian Ran..." Lin Mei went close to Jian Ran's ear and whispered, "Your ability to work is something everyone can see, don't worry too much."

Jian Ran pursed her lips and laughed, but did not say anything.

Lin Mei was also one of the members in the project team, but she was a girl who spoke sweetly and did nothing with her heart, thus Jian Ran was in charge of a lot of things.

The other male colleague, Wang Weiming, also leaned towards Jian Ran: "Jian Ran, with you leading us to prepare this project, there will definitely not be a problem."

Jian Ran said: "No matter what, it is always good to be cautious."

Jian Ran was the person in charge of this group. She had the most responsibility, and would always have more concerns than others.

Furthermore, this was the first project that Jian Ran had worked on since she took office. Other than wanting to achieve good results at work, she also wanted to leave a good impression on her husband. In the future, when she lives with Qin Yue, he definitely cannot let him look down on her.

"Boss Qin ..."

It was unknown who shouted, but everyone's gaze immediately turned towards the door of the conference room. Jian Ran was no exception.

She raised her head and saw Qin Yue leading his two assistants and walking in gracefully.

At lunchtime, Qin Yue was dressed in casual attire, but he had changed into a handmade, silver-grey suit, a white shirt with a bottom edge, and a blue and white striped tie.

"Hello, Boss Qin!"

Everyone stood up and greeted Qin Yue.

"Everyone, please take a seat." Qin Yue said indifferently, then sat on the main seat and indicated for Liu Yong to start the meeting.

Qin Yue didn't even give his an extra glance as he let out a sigh of relief.

In fact, from yesterday and this morning, seeing Qin Yue's performance, his public and private attitude had been much more serious than hers.

Since Jian Ran was the leader of the team, she would naturally be the one to introduce the details of the preparations for the project.

Because she worked diligently, many of the details were done personally by her. When she analyzed the specific situation to the group of executives, including CEO, Jian Ran was not the least bit nervous.

Not only was she not nervous, she was very good at it.

At the end, Jian Ran received a lot of applause.

Just as she was about to bend over to express her thanks, she felt a curious gaze land on her. She raised her head and met Qin Yue's deep and unfathomable gaze.

Seeing Jian Ran looking at her, Qin Yue smiled at her with that kind of extremely polite smile.

Jian Ran immediately gave Qin Yue a polite smile in return. Since she wanted to do it for her own business, she was not worse off than him.

Because of the presence of the new CEO, Qin Yue had a calm and cold expression. He looked like a heavenly god that didn't care about the mundane world, giving people a distant feeling and making everyone a little nervous.

But luckily he was fully prepared, Qin Yue confirmed the work of his group, and succeeded in this meeting.

At the end of the meeting, the project team members were very excited and forgot all the executives for a while as they walked.

Wang Weiming put a hand on Jian Ran's shoulder: "Jian Ran, if we can take down Starlight, this project, is truly an incomparably honorable thing."

Jian Ran was also happy in her heart, for a moment she did not notice how intimate Wang Weiming's posture was with her, and she nodded with a smile: "As long as we work hard together, there is nothing that is impossible."

"Jian Ran!"

Qin Yue's body froze for a moment, then turned and asked politely: "Boss Qin, are you looking for me?"

"Jian Ran, you are the person in charge of Starlight Project's team. Boss Qin still has some details he wants to discuss with you." The one who spoke was not Qin Yue, but Xu Huiyi who was beside him.

Xu Huiyi had worked under Qin Yue for many years, so she was naturally very clear on what Qin Yue was currently thinking.

The other members of the team were all smart enough to quickly find an excuse and slip away, leaving Jian Ran alone by Qin Yue's side.

Qin Yue walked closer to Jian Ran. "Jian Ran ..."

Jian Ran subconsciously took two steps back, opening up more distance between him and Qin Yue, "Boss Qin, speak up if you have something to say."

Qin Yue moved closer to her: "At this time, I am only Qin Yue, your husband."

Jian Ran retreated even further and looked left and right: "Boss Qin, this is business time."

Hearing Jian Ran's words, Qin Yue's brows slightly knitted, his eyes beneath the golden frame slightly narrowed, obviously a little angry.

However, due to his good upbringing and upbringing, he did not easily express his anger.

After a while, he said with a serious expression: "Jian Ran, although I am very clear that you are not related to that man, but seeing him embrace you intimately, as your husband, I will be jealous."

Jian Ran obviously never thought that Qin Yue would say such a thing to her. In an instant, his face became hot and red, and in the end, he pursed his lips and laughed: "Don't worry Boss Qin, this won't happen again."

"Boss Qin?" Qin Yue squinted his eyes under the golden frame of the mirror, he was truly angry.

"Boss Qin, you busy yourself, I will go down first." Jian Ran did not know that Qin Yue was angry, so he threw down his words and turned to leave.

Qin Yue watched as Jian Ran entered the elevator, her cold gaze becoming even colder.

"Boss Qin, I still have a few documents that I need you to take a look at." Xu Huiyi timely warned.

Qin Yue walked towards his office and coldly spat out a sentence: "Are all you women this strong?"

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