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"I ..." Qin Yue's lips moved but he did not say anything. An incomprehensible depth appeared in his eyes under the golden frame of his spectacles as he stared at Jian Ran's back while thinking for a few seconds before he turned around and walked back into the study.

In the past three years, Jian Ran had lived alone in a rented apartment. She was very skilled at making a few small dishes, and very quickly, she placed two dishes and a soup on the table.

"Qin Yue, you can eat now." Jian Ran carefully knocked on the door of the study.

In the study room, Qin Yue was currently on the phone, listening to him speak: "You handle all of these matters, you don't have to report everything to me."

With that, he immediately hung up, and when he raised his head, his eyes met with Jian Ran's, and he asked coldly: What's the matter?

"You can eat now." Jian Ran laughed, and didn't dare meet his gaze.

"I'm coming." His tone was indifferent.

The two of them sat opposite each other, earnestly eating their meals. Neither of them spoke up to break the silence, and the atmosphere was heavy for a moment.

There were several times when Jian Ran moved her lips, wanting to find a topic to talk. However, when she saw Qin Yue's indifferent expression, she swallowed her words back.

After the meal, Qin Yue took the initiative to let him wash the dishes, but Jian Ran did not reject. She was willing to share the house with her, so why not?

From Qin Yue's clumsy look, it could be seen that he had not done these things before.

But that's right, how could CEO from such a large company do such trivial things like washing dishes?

"Pa ~ ~ ~"

Hearing the sound of the porcelain bowl shattering, Jian Ran immediately stood up and walked over.

What caught his attention was the bowl in Qin Yue's hand, which he was staring at the shattered porcelain pieces on the ground.

"Let me do it." Jian Ran walked over and wanted to take the bowl from Qin Yue's hands.

"No need, I'll be fine." Qin Yue moved his hand away from Jian Ran's, but his tone did not change.

"Qin Yue, actually ..." Jian Ran faced Qin Yue's determined gaze and could not finish his words, so he nodded and left the kitchen, allowing Qin Yue to continue.

Although the two of them were husband and wife, Qin Yue was still a man that he was not very familiar with.

She wanted to know him, to know everything about him, to be as good a wife as she could.

However, with his identity, could she still approach him with the same thoughts she had when they first married?

Jian Ran sat down in the living room, picked up the remote control and switched on the television, picking out a random news channel.

While watching TV, he would occasionally look towards the kitchen, through the glass door he could see Qin Yue seriously and wholeheartedly washing the dishes.

She secretly sighed in her heart, so it turned out that this man could be so tasty when he washed dishes.

Maybe because Jian Ran's gaze was too hot, Qin Yue suddenly turned around. Their four eyes met, and Jian Ran saw the hint of coldness in Qin Yue's eyes, followed by an impeccable polite smile.

Seeing that he had been caught red-handed, Jian Ran's face reddened a little, but she still returned with a polite smile.

Jian Ran then shifted her gaze back to the television screen, her mind filled with Qin Yue's thoughts.

This man has so much charisma in his work that he can wash dishes and taste so good. When did he ever see him make a fool of himself?

After cleaning up the kitchen, Qin Yue returned to the hall and found Jian Ran in a daze. He stared at her pretty face, and spoke after a few seconds: "Jian Ran."

"Ah ..." Qin Yue heard her pleasant voice calling out her name. Jian Ran felt that it was unusually pleasant to hear, and for a moment, he felt like his face was burning.

Qin Yue sat on the sofa on the other side. "There are some things that I want to discuss with you."

"Alright." Jian Ran replied. She also wanted to have a good talk with him. She wanted to take this opportunity to clarify things.

Qin Yue's deep gaze swept over Jian Ran from top to bottom before he slowly spoke, "Jian Ran, today at the company ..."

"I understand that there is a clear distinction between the public and the private. "Actually, I don't want to let people in the company talk behind our back just because of our personal relationship." Before Qin Yue could finish, Jian Ran interrupted him.

She had worked hard at this company for three years in order to achieve her current results, and she still wanted to rely on her own hard work to continue climbing. She didn't want to see any change because of Qin Yue.

Qin Yue's expression was calm, it was just that a barely discernible glint of light flashed in his eyes beneath the gold spectacles: "Regarding the identity of Innovation Technology, I do not intend to hide it from you. When I saw you in such an occasion today, I didn't know what you were thinking, so I didn't announce it to the outside world. However, that doesn't mean that I want to hide this matter. "

"I know." Jian Ran nodded and said, "To me, work and life are completely separate. It is I who do not want to bring personal life to work."

The matter of her and Qin Yue receiving their marriage certificates was something between the two of them. Jian Ran felt that there was absolutely no need to specially announce it to the company.

For one thing, she didn't want her job to be affected. Secondly, she wasn't sure how far she could progress in her marriage with Qin Yue.

Seeing Jian Ran's resolute expression, she paused for a bit, then said: "Have you told your family about our marriage?"

Jian Ran shook her head, she did not want to talk about her family.

"I just took over the Innovation Technology. I have some matters on hand that I need to take care of personally. If you don't mind, I'd like to go with you to visit your in-laws after this period of time. " His tone was calm, as if she had long expected Jian Ran to not mention this matter to his family yet.

"No need." Jian Ran rejected him immediately, but felt that it was inappropriate so she quickly explained, "I have been through some things with my family, I have not contacted them for a long time, let's talk about this later."


Every time she thought of this word, Jian Ran's heart would ache, making her unable to breathe.

As early as three years ago, that family was no longer hers, and she could no longer go back.

"Jian Ran." Qin Yue deeply called out her name, and said, "From now on, you are no longer alone, you have me."

Qin Yue's tone of voice was indifferent, but because the voice itself was pleasant to listen to, it gave rise to a different feeling.

These words were clearly not words of love, and it caused an indescribable feeling to surge in Jian Ran's heart.

Although she had gritted her teeth and walked over all these years, she still couldn't help but feel sad when thinking about that matter in the dead of night. She also silently shed tears.

"Jian Ran." After being silent for a while, Qin Yue spoke again, "We are already husband and wife, I sincerely wish to live a lifetime with you."

He did not expect Qin Yue to suddenly say this, causing Jian Ran to be stunned. Raising her head to look at him and seeing his sincere gaze, she added, "I've also made up my mind to live with you for the rest of my life."

Qin Yue stared at her beautiful face, he paused for a few seconds and said: "Then Jian Ran, can you promise me, that no matter what happens, you will not easily ask for a breakup?"

"Yes!" Jian Ran nodded heavily, "I will work hard to be a qualified wife."

Do not easily mention breaking up with her, that was what Jian Ran was thinking. Now that Qin Yue had personally said it, she felt at ease.

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