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Lu Jinnian pushed open the bedroom door. It was silent and, when he went in, he saw Qiao Anhao lying on her side of the bed in deep sleep. He walked over softly, not making any sound. With the faint glow of the lamp, he stared at Qiao Anhao's face for a while before reaching out to pry her phone out of her hands. He placed it on the bedside table and moved back to lightly cover her exposed back with the blanket. Lu Jinnian sat on the side of the bed for some time before reaching out to touch her face. With his thumb, he caressed her cheeks and under her eyes as though he was wiping away her tears. He gradually moved his hand up to her head, leaving it there silently. Ever since five years ago, after he found out that she was someone he could never love, he had always stayed cold and calm in front of her. Even if he would lose control occasionally, he could quickly catch himself and hide his true feelings, not letting her find out that his love was the reason behind

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