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The more she reminisced about the past, the more her heart ached. Uncontrollably, her eyes reddened and she was afraid that she would end up crying in the car in front of Lu Jinnian, so she lowered her head, suppressing her emotions. Only when the car stopped did she raise her head. Through the car window, she could tell that they had reached Mian Xiu Garden's entrance. Qiao Anhao didn't dare to stay in the car any longer. She opened the door and took flight. Her actions were so swift that Lu Jinnian barely had enough time to react. It was as though she had alighted the exact moment he had stopped the car. Lu Jinnian frowned, remembering how reluctant she was to board his car, and now that they had reached the house, she couldn't stay in his car for one extra minute. He clenched his lips tightly, lowering his lashes, hiding his disappointment. Just as he was about to drive off, he saw Qiao Anhao's bag in a corner of the passenger seat. He hesitated for a while befo

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