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The change had caused them to grow further and further apart... and now, they were practically strangers. Even though many years had passed, every time Lu Jinnian reminisced about the two of them, he would feel a persistent ache in his heart. It was so painful that even breathing would hurt. Lu Jinnian gripped the steering wheel, staring straight ahead at the rain droplets, his expression tight. After a long while, he blinked lightly, preparing to stop the memories from five years ago. Suddenly, amongst the dense rain, he caught sight of a familiar figure. As Lu Jinnian was speeding, the figure disappeared in a blink of an eye. He frowned as he looked at the side view mirror. It was drenched in rain, blurring the reflection. Even though it was just a blurred glimpse, he knew who she was. Subconsciously, he slammed the breaks, bringing the car to a stop before winding down the window to wipe the water droplets with a hand. Through the mirror, he saw Qiao Anhao

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