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Truthfully speaking, that was when he started to think about how he could work hard to make money. Just like what the male broadcaster said - love can't be measured by money, but without money, love would be impossible. For him, becoming a better person was to be able to love her. Furthermore, he loved that version of her - the girl who didn't come from an ordinary family, but a wealthy one. Truthfully speaking, he wasn't much of a talker, so he didn't enjoy hanging out with classmates. But every time Xu Jiamu went out, he would call her, so he would go regardless. It goes to show that it was a good idea to go out, because later, he found out that she wanted to go to university in Hangzhou. Hangzhou was so big, and there were quite a few good universities. She didn't mention which one she wanted to go to, but even if they didn't go to the same university, at least they'd be in the same city. Hence, when the SAT scores came out, he applied for three univ

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