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After his mother, the person who loved him most in this world, passed away, his personality became even more unsociable. As Xu Wanli's father, his grandfather, grew older, the more he missed the grandson who lived outside. Hence, on every new years day, he would send someone to invite the child to their family's reunion dinner. Even though Han Ruchu didn't react, her attitude was always dismissive. As for his biological father, he never looked him straight in the eyes. When Xu Jiamu called "Dad", he also tried to call him "Dad", but Xu Wanli told him off and Han Ruchu screamed at him. From then on, he ruled out the word "Dad" from his life forever. Compared to adults, children are the most innocent in the world. Xu Jiamu didn't think that he and Lu Jinnian were any different. In fact, he quite liked his brother who was two hours older than him, and so he made the move to get closer to Lu Jinnian, calling him his brother. When Han Ruchu saw this, she told Xu Jiamu o

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