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Everyone says that children are angels sent from above. Lu Jinnian thought that even if he was an angel, he was an invisible angel. Some people are born into genuine happiness, while others are born to be seen as a nuisance. Like him - someone who was not meant to exist in this world. The Xu family was a noble family of the capital. It was vast and so was their business which never failed. Of course, behind such a prosperous family, they couldn't avoid traditions and crude shackles - arranged marriages. The year Xu Wanli and Han Ruchu had their arranged marriage for business, Xu Wanli had a one night stand with a third-rate celebrity. He was greedy and under the influence of alcohol at that time. Sometimes, matters can be so dramatic. One night, two months after the scandal, the minor celebrity discovered she was pregnant. Coincidentally, a few days later, the tabloids reported Han Ruchu was pregnant also. On the same day eight months later, the minor celebrity and Han Ruchu went into labor. However, one had the best room in a first-rate hospital, and the other had a regular room in a third-rate hospital. They both gave birth. The minor celebrity gave birth first and Han Ruchu's child came two hours later. All these years, Lu Jinnian never understood why the minor celebrity didn't abort the child when she discovered that she was pregnant, and what was the true purpose of giving birth to the child. Perhaps it was for the money or perhaps it was for the status, but no matter what it was, it proved that women are always the weakest existence. The goal from the start was to give birth in October and watch the child arrive to this world, then act like the most loving mother, but she was probably too afraid to part with the child, and so she didn't carry it out. Nor did she dare let the Xu family know, so she worked hard to look after the child without letting the Xu family know it was their biological son. Perhaps, if things had went that way, that would've been the end of it. But when the minor celebrity's child reached three years old, hematopoietic stem cells were discovered and he needed a bone marrow transplant to survive. The minor celebrity considered donating it herself but her HLA wasn't a match with the child's. In the end, she had to helplessly find the Xu family. At the time, even though Xu Wanli and Han Ruchu's relationship was founded by benefits rather than emotions, after their marriage, they had lived harmoniously. Also, Xu Wanli had always played the role of the doting husband, so when the minor celebrity's child suddenly came knocking, his game was undoubtedly destroyed. Xu Wanli didn't feel anything for the minor celebrity. That night they spent together was just a moment of drunken debauchery, and their child was evidence of his previous debauchery. It was the the only stain in his life, and so deep down, he had never wanted that child, Lu Jinnian, to exist.

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