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Who is Qiao Anhao to you? Those few words made Lu Jinnian slow down, but only for a moment. In an instant, he let out a gentle chuckle, throwing a single word out there - "Crazy". He sped up and brushed off Song Xiangsi, leaving her birthday party. Crazy? Song Xiangsi shut her lips tight. "Pft." Did Mr. Lu call her crazy? Or did he call Miss Qiao Anhao crazy? - It was already raining heavily when Lu Jinnian left Song Xiangsi's birthday party. Since his assistant was busy, Lu Jinnian went back to the city on his own. He opened the car door and got into the driver's seat. He stared at the pouring rain through the car window. His eyes were dazed for a moment, but he shook it off and started up the car, slowly getting on to the road. The sound of the heavy rain outside was all that could be heard in the car. The pitter patter of rain drops fell to the left of Lu Jinnian's chest - the softest part. It fell onto his heart, making him feel a little suffocated. In the end, he turned on the car radio. The show on the radio was the assistant's favorite one that he listened to whilst driving - a show about love and relationships. In reality, Lu Jinnian didn't quite understand why his assistant, a twenty-seven year old man would like these kind of girly shows. He reached out, ready to change the channel, when he heard the male broadcaster say in a hoarse but gentle voice, "Sometimes, how can love make a person work hard to make money?" This question hit him like an electric shock to his fingers. His finger trembled for a moment, then he pulled it back to the steering wheel. He listened on to the meaningless show. "Actually, most of the time we don't earn money but the right to love a person. Because the love of your life is the most beautiful. Deep down inside, she deserves the very best of what the world has to offer. And if you love her, you will get her everything she deserves. "Money doesn't necessarily measure how much a person loves you, but a penniless person will fail in love. "And so, people work hard to make money, just to become better, before they go on to love the person they truly love deeply." Work on becoming better before you go on to love the person you truly love... Not so long ago, he had felt the same way. Lu Jinnian didn't hear the details of what the male broadcaster said next for the words rang in his mind. When the ringing stopped, some things rose that he didn't want to think about or touch on in the deepest, most gentle part of his heart where he kept past memories. There, they stayed, drifting in his mind.

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