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Qiao Anhao knew that Lu Jinnian would be at Song Xiangsi's birthday party. To avoid bumping into him, she naturally didn't want to go. However, Song Xiangsi came to invite her in person. If she wasn't going to attend, she had to tell her that face-to-face. To set her up for an excuse, Qiao Anhao asked Zhao Meng to buy a Chanel bag without the tag to personally bring to the penthouse party. Song Xiangsi's room was number 1005, and she was the one to open the door. Seeing that it was Qiao Anhao, she cracked a smile and moved aside to let her in. "Miss Qiao, please come in." "Stop it." Qiao Anhao laughed, then pulled out a bag and gave it to her. "I've been really busy and wasn't able to get you a present." When Song Xiangsi saw the logo on the outside, she knew it wasn't expensive, but she didn't make a big deal. She generously accepted it. "Thank you." Only then did Qiao Anhao reveal her true intentions. "Miss Xiangsi, I'm busy tonight, so I might not be able to attend your party. I'm so sorry." "It's still early. We're heading out later. If you're busy, you can always come and leave earlier..." strongly insisted Song Xiangsi. Before Qiao Anhao could answer, a cold voice nearby suddenly spoke, "Song Xiangsi, I never knew that you had the tendency to push others." On hearing Lu Jinnian's voice, Qiao Anhao subconsciously clutched at her clothes and tried to calm herself. In a low voice, she said, "Miss Xiangsi, I really have matters to attend to. My assistant is waiting for me. I'll be leaving first." When she finished speaking, Qiao Anhao hesitated for a moment but headed towards where Lu Jinnian stood. She turned to him, her eyes lowered. Without looking up, she greeted him. "Hello Mr. Lu..." Before Qiao Anhao could finish, the door in front of her shut with a "bang" suddenly. She shuddered slightly, raising her head to see that Lu Jinnian's door was tightly shut. She bit her bottom lip, forced a smile at Song Xiangsi, and said "Goodbye" before heading for the elevators. - That night, Song Xiangsi was walking with a glass of wine when she passed a quiet, desolate balcony. There, she saw Lu Jinnian smoking alone. She hesitated for a moment before coming over in her high heels and standing shoulder to shoulder with him. Sensing that someone had come over, Lu Jinnian pinched his cigarette. He turned callously to find Song Xiangsi standing next to him, but he had no intention of speaking. After so many years of working together, Song Xiangsi was well used to Lu Jinnian's attitude. She didn't mind them one bit and stood next to the balcony's railing, staring up at the starry sky. She took a sip from her wineglass. Then, as though to stir matters up, she said in a soothing voice, "Mr. Lu, lately your emotions have become unstable. It seems it's all because of a woman." Lu Jinnian let out a grunt at her nonsense and turned to leave. Song Xiangsi didn't stop him but slowly and leisurely turned around, staring at his retreating back. She fearlessly continued, "And that woman seems to be Miss Qiao Anhao."

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