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Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian had slept together a total of three times. The first time, they were drunk. Qiao Anhao had made a move to seduce Lu Jinnian, and when they woke, she hid her true feelings by asking him for a part in 'To the End of Time'. The second time was when Lu Jinnian was sick. In a daze, she fell asleep in his arms. When she woke up, he asked her "What do you want?". Under pressure at the time, she tried to prevent him from figuring out she liked him, so she couldn't help but blurt out that she wanted a role in 'Alluring Times'. The third time was when she delivered his script. Without a word, he dragged her into the bathroom, showered her in cold water for half a day and bit her hard on the shoulder. After he vented everything, she fell asleep as always. Then, when she went home, he gave her a commercial deal to sign. Now, on his own initiative, he was saying that he wanted to give her the leading female role in the next drama. Was this a sign to say they were about to enter their fourth exchange? In the future, was there going to be a fifth, a sixth, a seventh... If this goes on, when will it end? As for her, in Lu Jinnian's eyes, she'll forever be a woman who uses her body to get places. Qiao Anhao tightly hugged the script in her hands and slightly pursed her lips, as though she had just made a big decision. She opened her mouth and said, "I don't want to take on this project." From the start, Qiao Anhao didn't want to have these kind of exchanges with Lu Jinnian. Every time they slept together, he would give her some benefits. There weren't any feelings of love, only endless sadness and over-thinking.. She was sad that she only had this kind of closeness with him, and she assumed that in his heart, she was seen as something dirty. You only care about how you're seen by another person if you like that person. Qiao Anhao knew that even if she was clean and innocent, he would never like her. Even what she was doing now could break the small intimate connection between them. But Qiao Anhao really didn't want their tainted deals to get between her and Lu Jinnian, because she didn't want for Lu Jinnian, who already didn't like her, to further look down on her. More than anything else, she was afraid of the disgusted and hateful look in his eyes after their exchanges. Lu Jinnian's eyebrows slowly furrowed, and he asked in a cold tone, "Why?" Qiao Anhao lowered her eyes and thought about what she had to say. She raised her head and looked right at Lu Jinnian. She gulped and said, "I don't want to make this kind of deal with you." This kind of deal... Of course, Lu Jinnian knew what type of deal Qiao Anhao was speaking of. She was talking about the benefits she would receive after sleeping with him. SHE had been the one who took the initiative to suggest these deals, and now she was the one calling an end to them. And it was tonight, after producer Sun had looked for her to talk about the new drama...

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