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Since Qiao Anhao was sleeping in an uncomfortable position on the sofa, she woke up after over an hour. When she opened her eyes, she looked around the room in a daze. The memory of where she was rushed back, and in that instant, she became truly awake. She slowly got up from the sofa. The blanket draped over Qiao Anhao fell to the ground when she got up. The room was silent. The TV that was on earlier had been turned off. The sounds from the photocopier had stopped. Perhaps the script had already finished copying. Qiao Anhao took a few steps forward towards the bedroom when she noticed that she stepped on something. She looked down to find a thin blanket. She dazed out for a moment before bending down to pick it up. She clutched the blanket with a stunned look on her face. Did Lu Jinnian cover her when she fell asleep? Knowing full well that there wasn't anything behind his actions, deep down inside, Qiao Anhao still felt a sliver of happiness. The corner of her lips couldn't help but gently arch upwards. She tightly hugged the blanket and briskly stepped towards the bedroom. The bedroom door was open, its lights illuminating the room. Qiao Anhao didn't rush head first in but stood at the door. At first, from the living room, Qiao Anhao couldn't smell the cigarettes, but once she stood at the door, the smell rushed up her nostrils. She discreetly creased her eyebrows. She peered into the room to find Lu Jinnian sprawled on the table, lying motionless. Out of courtesy, Qiao Anhao reached out to knock on the door. Seeing that Lu Jinnian didn't respond, she knocked again and called out, "Mr. Lu." He still didn't respond. It looked like he'd fallen deep asleep, spread out on the table. Qiao Anhao hesitated for a moment before tiptoeing into the room. She went over to the window and opened it. The gentle night breeze wafted in. Qiao Anhao saw that Lu Jinnian wore short sleeves, and after thinking about it for a moment, carefully went to his side and put the thin blanket over him. Lu Jinnian's face was completely covered by his arms, so she couldn't see his face. As Qiao Anhao was covering Lu Jinnian, she stared at his head for a while. Without making a single sound, she reached over, hoping to pick up the script and leave. But as her hand reached for the script, Lu Jinnian suddenly lifted his head. Stunned, Qiao Anhao hurriedly pulled her hand back and explained, "I knocked but you didn't respond, so I came in." Lu Jinnian didn't say a word. He turned to look at the open window and back at the blanket draped over him. Qiao Anhao noticed his actions and grew a little nervous. She quickly explained, "There was a lot of smoke in the room, so I opened the window. It was cold and I was afraid you'd catch a cold."

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