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Since the marriage till now, Lu Jinnian had never made the first move with Qiao Anhao. This was the first time. A woman's intuition told Qiao Anhao that Lu Jinnian didn't call her to talk about the script at all. Yet, she couldn't figure out why he'd ask for her. She returned to the hotel room confused, grabbed the script, and walked into the elevator. As she saw the red numbers turn, she remembered that time she had went to Lu Jinnian's room to give him the script. She remembered that destructive scene where he tossed her around and couldn't help but shiver. It made her feel even more nervous. When the elevator doors opened, Qiao Anhao walked out, passing through the empty, quiet corridors. She stopped for a moment and gripped hard the script as she headed for Lu Jinnian's door. Standing before the room 1001, Qiao Anhao took a deep breath and pushed the door bell with a trembling finger. - When Lu Jinnian heard the door bell, he didn't get up to open the door but walked over to the desk. He picked up his own script and walked into the bathroom. Then, without a hint of hesitation, he ripped up two to three pages and flushed them down the toilet. He waited for the pages to flush completely before leaving the bathroom and opening the door for Qiao Anhao. - After the door bell had rung for quite some time with no one opening the door, Qiao Anhao assumed that Lu Jinnian wasn't in. Suddenly, just as she was about let out a sigh of relief, the door opened. Qiao Anhao's body stiffened. She held her breath, then raised her eyes to find Lu Jinnian standing in front of her. Before she could clearly see his face, she lowered her head, and quietly said, "Mr. Lu, you asked me to come over with my script. Is there something you need?" Lu Jinnian didn't bother with Qiao Anhao's words but shifted his body aside to make way for her. He said in a cold voice, "Come in." When Qiao Anhao walked past Lu Jinnian, he softly closed the door - "Ka cha!" - and Qiao Anhao's body couldn't resist trembling. Her footsteps stopped, her mind conflicted for a moment, then she turned around. She faced Lu Jinnian and repeated her question, "Mr. Lu, is there something you need?" Like before, Lu Jinnian didn't answer her. In fact, this time, he didn't say a word. His silence made Qiao Anhao feel extremely pressured. She could sense his annoyance. Right then, Qiao Anhao was scared stiff. She thought he was going to go off once again. Half a minute went by and Lu Jinnian suddenly spoke in a calm voice, "I can't find my script, so give me yours. I'll make a copy."

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