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Lu Jinnian waited for the text to successfully deliver, then chucked his phone to the side. Qiao Anhao was on a roll, being the sole winner out of the four people. Every single time she won, it was when she sat directly in front of producer Sun, the other two player were just there to make up the numbers. - In order to suck up to producer Sun, the other two actors kept letting him win. They would deliberately let either the director or producer Sun win when they played together, so that they would be in a good mood, awarding them with a new role. Hence, now that Qiao Anhao had won several rounds, winning a huge sum from producer Sun, she didn't know if she should continue playing. Producer Sun didn't force her to continue playing, instead looking at his watch to check the time. He remarked, "After playing for so long, aren't you guys tired? Anyone wants supper?" Before Qiao Anhao could reply, the other two female actresses enthusiastically replied, "Me!" "I know a seafood stall nearby that is quite good, lets go there," Producer Sun decided, calling for his assistant. In the time producer Sun used to call his assistant, Qiao Anhao tried to think of an excuse. Just then, her phone vibrated. Picking it up, she saw a message from Lu Jinnian: "Come up with your script." Even though she didn't understand what Lu Jinnian wanted, she was still grateful for the text. She waited for producer Sun to hang up before she used an apologetic voice to excuse herself. "Mr Sun, I'm really sorry but I can't go for supper. Mr. Lu wants me to come with my script now. He probably wants to discuss the scenes tomorrow." Even though producer Sun said he wanted to treat everyone, his main motive was to treat Qiao Anhao. From the first day he met her, he was mesmerized. He had been paying her special attention so that he could make her his. Who knew Huan Ying entertainment would accept a cosmetic endorsement for her before he could provide one. So now he wanted to use a new role to entice her during supper then get her some alcohol so he could seal the deal. But Lu Jinnian disrupted his plans. This was the second time his plans were fouled by Lu Jinnian. Even though producer Sun was infuriated, he didn't want to offend Lu Jinnian so he forced a smile, acting as though it was alright. He caressed Qiao Anhao's hand, saying, "Xiao Qiao, if you have something on, we can have supper another time."

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