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Mr. Lu didn't come to hang out with everyone; he came to practically crash the party. Sitting silently wasn't just enough, he had to look intense, completely killing the mood in the room. In this circle, quite a few women tried to get with Mr. Lu. On the low, there was a rumor going around that whoever could get Mr. Lu would be the queen of the entertainment industry. However Mr. Lu gave off the impression he was far too unapproachable. Female stars who were weak didn't have the guts to try hit on him. Of course, there were some brave ones, but because he was rarely seen outside of shootings or at social events, those brave women didn't even have a chance to try. Yet tonight, Mr. Lu's appearance finally gave these brave female stars a chance. Who knows if it was the alcohol, but Miss Lin Shiyi sure was brave enough tonight to pick a song. She came forward, looked at Mr. Lu with fluttering eyes, and ask for a duet. At that exact moment, the cold and silent Mr. Lu, all of a sudden erupted into a rant at Lin Shiyi. The atmosphere in the cheerful room instantly changed. Everyone in the room looked on, shocked. Nothing but the sound of the backing track in the KTV room could be heard. After being shouted at, Miss Lin Shiyu's eyes grew red and she ran out of the room. The elevator doors opened and the assistant stood aside, waiting for Lu Jinnian to walk out before following after. When they returned to the hotel room, the assistant remembered that Lu Jinnian jumped into the pool earlier that day. Afraid that he might have caught a cold and it would affect his filming, the assistant ordered ginger tea to the room. He brought it over, taking it off the hands of the hotel staff. He knocked on Lu Jinnian's bedroom door. A minute later, a dull "enter" came from inside. The assistant pushed open the door and smelled the pungent smell of cigarettes. His eyebrows creased as he saw Lu Jinnian standing by the window with a cigarette between his fingers. He sat soundlessly looking out the window. The hostility he had earlier in the KTV room had completely disappeared. The assistant had seen this side of Lu Jinnian many times before, most often in the middle of the night. As he sat smoking alone in a daze, he looked like he was thinking about something or someone. He seemed like he was at peace, but as always, he carried an aura of imperishable sadness and solitude. Though the assistant was accustomed to the unexpected, deep down inside, he always wondered what kind of thing or person was capable of getting Mr. Lu so down that he had been unable to let go for five years now. However, no matter how curious he got, the assistant would never ask. He carried over the ginger tea and softly broke the silence in the room. "Mr. Lu, you got into the water today. Drink some ginger tea. It'll help you avoid getting a cold."

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