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After Qiao Anhao finished speaking, she walked over to the bin and pulled out the water bottle. She filled it up under the tap, turned, and walked over to Lin Shiyi. She lifted the bottle over Lin Shiyi's head and poured water all over her. Qiao Anhao waited for the bottle to empty before throwing it back into the bin again. She looked at Lin Shiyi, smiled, and asked, "Had enough water? If that wasn't enough, I can go on..." Lin Shiyi never expected Qiao Anhao to think of such a way to retaliate: a single bottle of water poured over her head and over the make up she'd tried so hard to fix. Ruined! In an instant, her expression grew cold. There wasn't a hint of elegance and grace. All she wanted to do was slap Qiao Anhao on the face. Qiao Anhao figured it'd be so. According to Lin Shiyi's personality, she'd definitely fight back after being treated like that. And so, Qiao Anhao was prepared. The moment Lin Shiyi raised her hand, she grabbed her wrist in anticipation. But just as she was going to open her mouth to get back at Lin Shiyi, footsteps suddenly came from outside. Someone had come into the restroom. Qiao Anhao's eyes diverted. She grabbed a piece of tissue and thrust it against Lin Shiyi's face, pretending to wipe off the water like a good, helpful sister. "Sister Shiyi, how could you be so clumsy? You're all soaked." Just when Lin Shiyi wanted to shout at Qiao Anhao for her sudden act of intimacy, she heard producer Sun's voice from behind. "Xiao Qiao, Shiyi?" Producer Sun walked over. Seeing that Lin Shiyi was covered in water, his brows immediately furrowed and he asked, "What is this?" Qiao Anhao stole the first word, not giving Lin Shiyi a chance to speak. "Producer Sun, when sister Shiyi tried to unscrew a bottle, she accidentally squeezed it and squirted water all over herself." After saying this, Qiao Anhao wiped the water off Lin Shiyi even more gently, completely removing her make up. "Sister Shiyi, don't move. Let me help you wipe it off." 'Don't you just love to act like you're friends with everyone in front of your favorite manager? Fine!' Shiyi though, seething. Now she had to act like she cared, and put on a caring and considerate face to match her act, when she was actually a volcano bursting with anger on the inside. Producer Sun nodded. "Shiyi, you should be more careful." Lin Shiyi felt like she was about to go insane, but she couldn't fall for Qiao Anhao's trap. She could only force a smile, as though she was about to cry. Lin Shiyi nodded at producer Sun obediently and said as softly as she could, "I will. Thank you, producer Sun." She then turned her head, smiled awkwardly at Qiao Anhao, and said, "Thank you Anhao. I'll be heading off first to get changed." Without giving Qiao Anhao or producer Sun any time to react, she turned on her heels and, covering her make-up free face, she left in a hurry.

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