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Lu Jinnian snatched the towel from his assistant and tossed it onto the floor roughly before entered his resting area with a gloomy expression. Taking his phone and wallet, he was about to leave the set when he saw Zhao Meng helping Qiao Anhao dry her hair. He hesitated for a while before starting to walk in her direction. "Qiao Qiao, even if you were inspired, how can you treat your life so lightly. You can't even swim, why would you enter the water?" Zhao Meng recalled the earlier scene and couldn't help chastising her, "If you weren't saved in time, you could have drowned!" Qiao Anhao thought about the heels that were submerged in the water. Her eyes flashing, she said in a hushed tone, "I didn't want to fall in, the heels that I wore broke, causing me to lose balance and fall in." Zhao Meng's actions paused momentarily before she asked, "Your heels were fine, how could they break so suddenly? Unless..." Zhao Meng stopped talking. Even though neither said anything, both of them were clear that the heels had been tampered with. After a while, Zhao Meng seemed to have thought of something. She leaned towards Qiao Anhao and whispered, "Qiao Qiao, I don't think Lu Jinnian doesn't care about you. Just now when you fell into the pool, a normal reaction would be to go into a daze, but he jumped in after without any hesitation." Qiao Anhao knew that Lu Jinnian had saved her but she wasn't aware of the situation before he had jumped in. So when she heard Zhao Meng's words, her heart trembled. She lifted her head and was about to clarify with her friend, but Lu Jinnian appeared at the door, causing her to swallow her words. Lu Jinnian looked down at Qiao Anhao, and after about two seconds, he spoke, his voice laced with anger, "Miss Qiao, I hope that you will inform me before adding your own scenes in the future. This is a filming set, not a place for you to play. Not everyone will tolerate your ideas if you were to act as you please." He paused momentarily before glancing at Qiao Anhao's dripping wet hair and the robe that covered her soaked clothes. In a tone that was razor sharp, he said, "If you want to die, don't do it on the set. Huan Ying Entertainment doesn't need a dead actress to tarnish its name."

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