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In the script, the second male lead was already interested in the second female lead. Hence, if she fell into the water, he would definitely save her... Qiao Anhao's long lashes trembled slightly as she thought of her next line. Slowly, she opened her eyes. The cold from the water caused her to tremble, making it difficult for her to speak. With a trembling voice, she said, "I did it because I like you, but I promise never to do it again. Can you forgive me?" When Lu Jinnian had carried Qiao Anhao out of the water, someone had already snapped out of his daze and shouted out anxiously, "Someone fell into the water!" With the person's voice, the director was also shaken out of his shock. Taking his speaker, he was about to shout for towels when Qiao Anhao's voice sounded. "I did it because I like you, but I promise never to do it again. Can you forgive me?" In that instance, the director stopped his original actions, looking into the screen intently. When Lu Jinnian first heard Qiao Anhao's voice, he was puzzled. He looked into the girl's dark eyes for five whole seconds before realizing that she was still acting. Falling into the water was not an incident but part of her act? Lu Jinnian suppressed his concern, studying Qiao Anhao. After confirming that she was alright, anger washed over him. She was sacrificing her life just to act? She had just recovered from a cold and now jumped into the freezing pool... And she couldn't even swim. What if no one saved her in time? Lu Jinnian's expression turned cold, emitting an overpowering pressure. He looked at Qiao Anhao. Lifting one corner of his lips, he laughed coldly and tossed her out of his arms. With an anger that he couldn't suppress, he stood up and stormed off. Together with Lu Jinnian's departure, the director shouted a satisfied "cut" before instructing the crew, "Hurry, bring some towels to Xiao Qiao and Mr. Lu." The crew hurriedly brought towels and fresh clothes over to Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian. When the crew brought a towel over to Lu Jinnian, he stared at them furiously. The crew was too scared to say a word, stumbling backwards before his assistant took the towel. The man passed it to Lu Jinnian daringly, saying carefully, "Mr. Lu, wipe yourself down before you catch a cold."

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