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The swimming pool was two meters deep. Qiao Anhao entered head first, making a large splash. The incident was too sudden and the surrounding people were too stunned to react. Lu Jinnian had pushed Qiao Anhao away, leaving with a sunken face but after no more than two steps, he heard the sound of someone falling into the water. Subconsciously, he turned only to see the huge bubble formed where she had fallen in. Qiao Anhao couldn't swim, and since the swimming pool was in open air, it wasn't heated. Now that it was the middle of the night, the water's temperature must have been extremely low, and she had just recovered from a cold.... Lu Jinnian's face paled in an instance, and without any thinking, he jumped into the pool. When Qiao Anhao's head sunk under the water, she was still in a daze. The wave of cold water washed over her and she started to have difficulties with breathing. She tried desperately to shout for help, but that caused her to take in more water. She struggled instinctively, but due to the momentum of falling into the water, she kept sinking. Yet just when she was about to reach the bottom of the pool, she felt someone hook an arm around her waist, bringing her into a warm embrace and dragging her upwards. The moment Lu Jinnian dragged Qiao Anhao out, he immediately reached to press her abdomen. As he applied pressure, Qiao Anhao continuously spat out water. She gradually came back to her senses. With her eyes shut, she began recalling how she had fallen into the water. Everything had happened too fast and the people nearby couldn't detect any loopholes. But as the victim, she distinctly remembered her heel breaking before she had fallen into the pool. There was no other reason other than foul play for her heel to break on flat ground. Someone must have been trying to humiliate her. The time Lu Jinnian had taken to bring Qiao Anhao up was less than two minutes, so she was in no danger. However, she remained pale and unconscious even after spitting out water. Lu Jinnian frowned, anxiety and fear flashing in his eyes, He reached out and tapped Qiao Anhao's face lightly, but she remained motionless. Instead, her body was trembling uncontrollably. Lu Jinnian clenched his lips. Not caring about the crowd, he took a deep breath before lowering his head, aiming for Qiao Anhao's lips. The more the people wanted to watch her humiliate herself, the more she would not let them get their wishes. Now that she was filming and had accidentally fallen into the water, she would change this incident into something exciting!

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