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"Good work!" the director shouted happily as the scene ended successfully. "For the next scene, the clothes are different. Crew, please assist the actors," the directed instructed while looking at what was next in the schedule. Qiao Anhao's attire was already prepared and hung in the dressing room. Upon the director's orders, Zhao Meng immediately brought Qiao Anhao to the dressing room where her clothes waited. Just as Zhao Meng was about to push open the dressing room's door, it was pulled open by the person inside. A young girl anxiously ran out and without daring to even look at Qiao Anhao, she lowered her head, greeting Qiao Anhao "Qiao Jie" before rushing off. Due to a tight schedule, Qiao Anhao and Zhao Meng didn't think much, entering the dressing room to change into the clothes and high heels that were prepared before returning to the filming location. For this scene, the second male lead had found out that the second female lead was the one who had destroyed his relationship, hence he was coming to seek revenge. The first scene was of Qiao Anhao. She sat beside the pool under a parasol, reading a book quietly. This was a static shoot, so Qiao Anhao was required to stay at the same spot with the book while the cameraman shot from the different angles. When the angle was chosen, under the director's signal, Lu Jinnian sat down in a sports car speeding towards Qiao Anhao. Just before crashing into her, the car stopped and Lu Jinnian came out, slamming the car door shut, marching over. Seeing that it was Lu Jinnian, Qiao Anhao broke into a wide smile. Before she could shout out the second male lead's name, he snatched her book, throwing it to the ground. Turning to face Qiao Anhao, he started to scream at her. The TV series had gone on smoothly till here. The next scene, Lu Jinnian told Qiao Anhao that he never wanted to see her again and turned to leave. Qiao Anhao reached out to pull him back in a panic but was roughly pushed away from him. She wasn't able to regain her footing and fell. Lu Jinnian didn't actually use a lot of strength, he just acted as though he exerted a lot of strength. Qiao Anhao had acted accordingly, letting go off Lu Jinnian's hand, falling. She had indeed released Lu Jinnian's arm when he lifted his hand, but when she was prepared to fall, her high heels broke the instant she exerted some pressure on them, causing her to lose balance, falling into the swimming pool.

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