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Lu Jinnian could easily immerse himself into the TV series and could easily get out of it. Actors who had worked with him were all used to his working style. Every time after a scene, he would leave without saying anything to the actor who had acted alongside him. As the director shouted cut, the cameras stopped. Since the crowd were far from Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao, no one detected anything suspicious between the two of them. The director looked at the scene that was captured before standing up to first commend Lu Jinnian's performance. He then turned to look at Qiao Anhao with a newly acquired appreciation and awe. He started praising her generously, "Xiao Qiao, your performance just now was impeccable! This is the first time after working with Lu Jinnian for so many years that I've seen an actor other than Song Xiangsi follow up his act so well. All the other actors that he had worked with were not able to follow up naturally, and you did it in the first take! The parts you added were great! Really great!" She was just acting as herself, how could it be bad? Qiao Anhao suppressed her own self-deprecation. Turning to the director, she curved her lips saying "Thank you" and left to touch up her makeup. The crowd that had came to watch Qiao Anhao were now filled with respect and awe, some even praising her out loud. "I never expected a newbie to have such an amazing performance!" "Yes, no wonder she was able to get Mr. Lu's praise back at the dinner." "Qiao Anhao is not only pretty but can act as well. She is also paired with Lu Jinnian in this tv series, she'll definitely make it big after this show!" Lin Shiyi couldn't help looking in Qiao Anhao's direction as she heard the endless praises. She never expected that the newbie that had snatched her role actually possessed such amazing acting skills. She had always thought that such an inexperienced newbie must have gotten the role because of her looks. Who knew she was able to act alongside Lu Jinnian, the best screen actor, with such poise! Just as the crowd had said, if she were to continue like this, she would definitely make it big soon. In the movie industry, Lin Shiyi had always been suppressed by Song Xiangsi. After enduring for so many years, Song Xiangsi was finally not taking on as many roles. She had thought that this was her chance at becoming the next best screen actress but now... now there is a Qiao Anhao?! Lin Shiyi's eyes dimmed. She wouldn't let anyone be a hindrance in her road to become the best screen actress. She turned around coldly before storming off in her high heels.

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