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The filming for the scene ended. But the entire set remained silent, waiting for the late "Cut" from the director. The moment Qiao Anhao's fingers had caressed his face, Lu Jinnian's whole body stiffened. If not for his strong self-control, he would not have been able to continue acting asleep and would've acted out of the norm. When Qiao Anhao's sorrowful voice asked " Why can't I be the one you love?", he had clenched the fist he had positioned behind his body, away from the camera. When she had laid down on his chest, he could clearly hear his heart thumping rapidly, even his breathing became unstable. Afterwards, he had felt moisture on his shirt. Was that her tears? Lu Jinnian finally couldn't resist himself, opening his eyes, staring straight into Qiao Anhao's tear filled eyes and sorrowful expression. Her expression was too real, to the point that he could have sworn those were her true feelings. Deep down, did she love him? So that she could act out the scene so realistically... Lu Jinnian's throat moved and his fingers lifted uncontrollably, wishing to wipe off the tears on her face. In that instance, the director's voice suddenly sounded, "Cut." The minute she heard the director's voice, Qiao Anhao retrieved her sorrowful expression instantly. Not daring to stay on Lu Jinnian's chest any longer, she moved away hurriedly. Just like that, the hand that Lu Jinnian had lifted froze in the air. He stared at Qiao Anhao unwaveringly, studying her carefully. But he could no longer detect any trace of the sorrow and pain. The Qiao Anhao out of the film didn't even dare to look at Lu Jinnian, so how could she have noticed the slightly lifted hand? Only when she sneaked a peak in his direction did she realize that he was staring at her intently. Her heart thumped so rapidly it skipped a beat. Guiltily she said, "For the scene, I had some sudden inspiration. I'm sorry I didn't inform you earlier." With that one line, Lu Jinnian clenched the hand he had lifted, and calm washed over him. The truth yet again reminded him that he was dreaming. He was aware that he was dreaming, yet he wanted to test the fact again and again, each time ending in his humiliation. Lu Jinnian's eyes dimmed in an instance and he pushed away Qiao Anhao, who was still sitting beside him. Once his feet touched the ground, he headed for the resting area without sparing her a glance.

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