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Lu Jinnian went to his study room to get a document before returning back down. Madam Chen saw him coming out of the elevator and immediately stopped what she was doing. "Mr Lu, you're leaving?" Lu Jinnian nodded, expressionless, and walked towards the shoe cabinet to change his shoes. As he reached for the keys on the cabinet, he turned to look at Madam Chen, who was cleaning an antique porcelain vase. He paused for a few seconds before asking, "How has Mrs. Lu's health been these few days?" Madam Chen truthfully reported, "Mrs. Lu fully recovered yesterday and her spirits are much higher today. I don't think theres much of an issue..." Before Madam Chen could finish her sentence, Lu Jinnian had already left with his car keys. He acted as though it wasn't him who had inquired about Qiao Anhao's condition but rather Madam Chen who had forced the information on him. Lu Jinnian opened the car door and sat inside. He turned into the empty road at the side and made a turn. When he was looked at the road through the back mirror, he caught sight of Qiao Anhao. She was holding onto a parasol, picking flowers in the garden. A spark brightened Lu Jinnian's eyes and he hit the brakes, stopping the car. He stared at Qiao Anhao through the back mirror for a really long time before he reached for a cigarette. He lit it up, his actions familiar yet dignified, as he continued to stare unwaveringly at Qiao Anhao. Only when the cigarette was at its end and burned his fingertips did Lu Jinnian come back to his senses. Still, he remained focused on his back mirror as he casually tossed the cigarette into the ashtray. He lowered the window on his side side. Clenching his lips, he forced himself to look away from the back mirror. Forcefully, he held onto the steering wheel and sped away. Qiao Anhao picked a huge bouquet of flowers, bringing it into the house happily. She got Madam Chen to fetch an empty vase and put the bouquet in. She then started snipping off the excess leaves until she was satisfied enough to put it on the dinning table. As Qiao Anhao was washing her hands, Madam Chen seemed to have remembered something. She turned to inform her, "Mrs. Lu, Mr. Lu was back to grab a document just now." Qiao Anhao paused momentarily before acknowledging her without any emotion. She lowered her head and washed her hands seriously, her originally lifted spirits having dampened once again.

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