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"Mr. Lu had ordered it. He told me that since both of you would be busy filming, the house would be empty. He wanted me to stay in to take care of it." After she explained it, she pointed to the kitchen, continuing, "Mrs. Lu, I have finished making breakfast. Since you're awake, you should have some after washing up." Qiao Anhao had been living in Lu Jinnian's mansion for almost half a year, and during the three months she was filming "To the End of Times", she barely returned to Mian Xiu garden. The house was empty for three months, but Lu Jinnian didn't get anyone to look after the house... Why would he want Madam Chen to stay in now? Qiao Anhao was puzzled, but she didn't think deeper into it since she could never understand him anyway. Due to Madam Chen's arrival, the fridge was no longer empty. It was filled to the brim with fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat. Madam Chen didn't just clean well, she was also a great cook. Judging from Qiao Anhao's nasally voice, Madam Chen could tell that she had a cold, so she specifically made her some herbal soup. Under Madam Chen's care, Qiao Anhao fully recovered by the time she had to return back to filming. Due to her cold, Qiao Anhao hadn't been out for the past two days. Now that her body had fully recovered, her spirits were even higher than before. As she munched on her breakfast, she looked out, marveling at the beautiful weather before deciding to go for a walk. Even though it wasn't autumn and the sun wasn't strong, Madam Chen immediately rushed over with a parasol when she saw that Qiao Anhao was empty handed. "Mrs. Lu, take a parasol to shield yourself from the strong sun." Qiao Anhao had the type of skin that would never tan and wanted to reject Madam Chen, but when she saw the bright sun, she reached out to take it along. Madam Chen returned to the mansion and began to clean the kitchen. As she moped the floor, she heard the mansion door opening and thought that Qiao Anhao was back. Without lifting her head, she shouted. "Mrs Lu, you're back so soon?" Lu Jinnian frowned slightly while taking off his shoes at the entrance. With a clear voice, he asked, "Where did Mrs. Lu go?" Madam Chen froze slightly when Lu Jinnian's voice replied. She turned and greeted Lu Jinnian before answering his question. "Mrs. Lu went to the garden in the back for a walk." Lu Jinnian didn't reply. He placed the car keys on the shelf nearby and went upstairs. As Lu Jinnian walked towards the elevator, Madam Chen thought for a bit and asked, "Mr. Lu, do you need me to call for Mrs. Lu?" Lu Jinnian paused momentarily before replying coldly, "No need." He then walked into the elevator going upstairs.

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