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On their marital night, she had told Lu Jinnian that she won't be a hindrance, won't affect his lifestyle, and won't let the public know about their relationship. She also added that since they weren't a real couple, they couldn't consummate. But even though she had said those words, deep inside her she was anticipating it. After she finished, Lu Jinnian stared at her for a long time before coldly throwing a "You better remember your words" and going into the bathroom. Since the real Xu Jiamu was still in a coma, the Xu family understood that Lu Jinnian couldn't always stand in front of the public as him. Unless it was absolutely necessary, "Xu Jiamu" would not appear in front of the public. As "Xu Jiamu's" wife, Qiao Anhao wasn't required to stay with Lu Jinnian. They could live separate lives and only meet once in a while to act as a couple. Qiao family were not aware of the truth behind her marriage, and after her marriage, she moved out of her uncle's house. Qiao Anhao wasn't willing to stay in the Xu mansion and renting a house would cause suspicion, hence, to prevent any loopholes, Lu Jinnian allowed her to stay in his mansion in Mian Xiu garden. Lu Jinnian and Xu Jiamu had bought a mansion next to each other in Mian Xiu garden during its opening. Hence, every time Qiao Anhao was in the area, others would only think that she was in Xu Jiamu's house. Also, every time Lu Jinnian came back, he could act as Xu Jiamu. However, there was an issue that constantly bothered and excited Qiao Anhao. Inside Lu Jinnian's mansion, there was only one bed. The other rooms were either empty or had been converted for other use. So every time Lu Jinnian was back, they would have to share a bed. Qiao Anhao thought for a very long time, finally falling asleep uncertain. She barely had any recollection of it, but the next day, in the middle of her deep sleep, she was awakened by loud noises downstairs. - Qiao Anhao's eyes flew open and she could hear a conversation between a man and a woman. Hurriedly, she yanked open her blanket to grab a jacket. When she came down, she realized it was actually a bed delivery. Under the instructions of Madam Chen, the bed was placed in a room on the first floor. Madam Chen was a caretaker employed by Lu Jinnian. Since Lu Jinnian didn't like the presence of others in his home, she would only come in the morning to clean up the place. She was not aware of the complicated world of the rich, so when Qiao Anhao married Lu Jinnian, she called her "Mrs. Lu". Seeing that Qiao Anhao was awake, Madam Chen immediately smiled and asked, "Mrs. Lu, you're awake?" "What's happening?" Qiao Anhao looked at the bed that was being brought in. "Mr. Lu had ordered it. He told me that since both of you would be busy filming, the house would be empty. He wanted me to stay in to take care of it." After she explained it, she pointed to the kitchen, continuing, "Mrs. Lu, I have finished making breakfast. Since you're awake, you should have some after washing up."

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