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At that time, Qiao Anhao was not aware of it and was convinced that Xu Jiamu was awake. She rushed to the hospital happily, going to give her blessings to the friend she had been close to ever since young. She was so happy she had teared while hugging him. It was only afterwards when Xu Jiamu's mother had spoken to her privately that she found out that it was Lu Jinnian she had hugged. The Xu family and Qiao family were both close due to good working relationships. Han Ruchu, Xu Jiamu's biological mother had always treated Qiao Anhao well, and that afternoon, she held onto her hand, telling her the story red-eyed and teary. Many of the board members wanted to take back their investments and marriage was their only solution. But since they had told the public that Xu Jiamu was disfigured, no heiress was willing to marry him. She begged Qiao Anhao to help them, and that was to marry the 'fake' Xu Jiamu, Lu Jinnian. Qiao Anhao was thoroughly shocked by the news. Not able to fully comprehend the request, she told Han Ruchu she needed time to think about it. Han Ruchu didn't make things difficult for her, but instead, hoped that Qiao Anhao would keep it a secret, not letting anyone in the Qiao family know about it. Qiao Anhao understood the gravity of the situation and promised not to let the word out. After leaving, she thought quietly for a long time. It felt as though the heavens were trying to reward her, and if she were to accept it, she and Lu Jinnian would no longer be strangers. Qiao Anhao had always longed to be Lu Jinnian's wife. But it was always a hopeless situation until now. Now, the opportunity to be his wife was directly in front of her. However, she could only tell her grandfather that she was marrying Xu Jiamu. Even so, it was her only shot at getting close to Lu Jinnian. If she let this opportunity go, there was a high chance they would end up as strangers for the rest of their lives, never saying a word to each other again. She struggled for a long time before calling Han Ruchu to accept the proposal. But she had one request and that was not to let anyone outside the board and business partners to know about her marriage with Xu Jiamu. Han Ruchu agreed without hesitation. After all, now that the public thought that Xu Jiamu was disfigured, the Xu family were not willing to hold a grand wedding for people to gossip about. Just like that, Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian became a married couple. A couple without a marriage certificate. However, a small wedding was held. Not many people came, only people with business ties with the Xu family.

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