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Qiao Anhao stared at the contract that plagued her mind. In that moment, all she felt was endless humiliation. Seeing that Qiao Anhao was hesitant, Lu Jinnian couldn't help but furrow his brows. His aura was cold to begin with, so with furrowed brows, he emitted an intensely icy aura. As for the tone of his voice, it was arctic. "What? Are you not content with the remunerations for this product endorsement?" Hearing the sound of Lu Jinnian's voice, Qiao Anhao's hand slightly shook as she held the pen. Then, without a word, she slowly signed her name. A single slip may cause everlasting sorrow. The excuse she gave after climbing into Lu Jinnian's bed the first time now continued to cause her endless humiliation. At that time, she should have never asked for a part in 'To the End of Time'. She really wanted to reject signing the contract, but this entire mess was her own doing. There was no excuse for it. Thirteen years ago, she fell in love with him. Because she was young and shy, she didn't dare confess her love. Thirteen years later, she was still in love with him. She loved him so much she tried her hardest to conceal it. The furthest distance on Earth was the distance between them - so close, and yet he didn't realize that she loved him. She stood before him, and yet she didn't dare to let him know that she loved him. Qiao Anhao's eyes were filled with fog as she lowered her head, trying her hardest to not let her tears fall. Before the last stroke of her signature, the tip of her pen hovered over the contract for a long while. Only when the fog in her eyes dissipated did she place the pen down onto the table and hand Lu Jinnian the contract. Qiao Anhao's calm and collected attitude made Lu Jinnian feel rather hot-tempered, as if his insides were set on fire, flames bursting to break free but unable to find an exit. All of a sudden, Lu Jinnian directed his attention to the giant bear on the bed. His expression instantly ran cold and he said to Qiao Anhao in a heavy tone, "There's a condition that states that you mustn't endorse any other products from other cosmetic brands whilst on their project. Otherwise, you'd be legally liable and will have to pay a hefty compensation. "Let me remind you, you'd better read these clauses well. If you breach the contract, you'll be the one locked up, you'll have to pay for compensation, and don't you even think Huan Ying Entertainment will help you with a single cent!" When Lu Jinnian finished, he reached out and swiped the contract from Qiao Anhao's hands. He gave her a stern look and, turning, left. Perhaps it was Lu Jinnian's appearance and exit or the cold, but Qiao Anhao felt more exhausted than usual and struggled to fall sleep. She hugged her giant bear that was taller than she was and lay peacefully in bed. She stared with her eyes wide open straight into the empty abyss of the ceiling for a long while. She vaguely remembered the events that unfolded half a year ago and her feelings after suddenly having to marry Lu Jinnian...

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