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Just as Qiao Anhao was coming out of the shower, Lu Jinnian entered the bedroom. The bathroom door was next to the bedroom and they bumped right into each other. Qiao Anhao stiffened. She wanted to look up but couldn't muster up enough courage. In the end, she hung her head and rushed into the bedroom. Lu Jinnian swept a glance at Qiao Anhao's back before going into the bathroom. Down with a cold, Qiao Anhao felt exhausted. She walked towards her side of the bed and plopped down. As she was about to fall into a deep sleep, she heard water streaming from the bathroom. That was when she realized that Lu Jinnian was going to stay for the night! Qiao Anhao struggled out the bed, walking slowly to the dressing room to take the bear out. Hugging the bear, she was halfway to the bed when Lu Jinnian came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Holding another towel in his hand, he dried his hair as he walked out. Lu Jinnian stopped momentarily when he saw Qiao Anhao hugging the bear. Wearing a nonchalant expression, he walked towards the vanity table to blow dry his hair. Through the mirror, he could see her place the bear in the middle of the bed. She then buried herself under the bed and lied down with her back facing his side of the bed. Lu Jinnian's eyes dimmed, and without realizing it, he increased the speed for the hairdryer, rapidly blowing his hair. He then threw the hair dryer on the vanity table and turned to look at the bed coldly. Even with the bear in the middle, Qiao Anhao still lay close to the edge. A woman's instinct told Qiao Anhao that Lu Jinnian was staring at her. She stiffened under the blanket, her face burying deeper into the pillow. When she felt moisture, she froze for a moment before remembering that she had been crying for a long time in her dream. Qiao Anhao was fully aware that Lu Jinnian would never care about what had happened to her pillow but she was still afraid he would find out that she had cried. Wordlessly, she pulled her pillow deeper under the blanket. Her actions were small but still fell into Lu Jinnian's eyes. It was as though she was trying to get away from him. Lu Jinnian stared at Qiao Anhao silently for a long while before his eyes flashed and he turned to leave the room. Once the bedroom door closed, Qiao Anhao opened her eyes and quickly flipped over her pillow. She then repositioned herself and laid back down. After about five minutes, the bedroom door opened once again. Lu Jinnian entered with a thick stack of papers. Walking towards the bedside, he looked down at Qiao Anhao, then threw the papers on the bedside table next to her.

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