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After dinner, Lu Jinnian changed the bedsheets before preparing to return to his hostel. Qiao Anhao reached forward to grab his hand. Thinking that she was afraid, Lu Jinnian remained silent. Sitting in front of his computer, he turned it on. Qiao Anhao lay on the bed playing with her phone. The apartment was silent besides the buzzing emitted by the computer. Time flew and it was 11 pm in the blink of an eye. Lu Jinnian laid out a mattress and laid down on the floor, while Qiao Anhao occupied the bed. The blanket covering her had a light fragrance, the exact same scent that Lu Jinnian carried. Subconsciously, the scent flustered her, and her heart beat rapidly. That night was a quiet night. They looked into the darkness, enjoying the silence as their thoughts ran. Listening to each other's breathing, they gradually sunk into a deep sleep. Halfway through the night, it started to pour in Hangzhou. Thunder struck and lighting flashed, but the ferocious weather did nothing to dampen Qiao Anhao's spirits. She remained asleep with a hint of a smile. The next day, Qiao Anhao went to apply for a temporary ID. Lu Jinnian helped her buy a plane ticket and sent her to the airport personally. Before she had entered the customs, Lu Jinnian took out his wallet, forcing a few hundred dollar bills into her hand. Despite usually speaking little, he had told her in a whispered tone to take care of herself and to call him once she reached Jingcheng. At that time, they were getting increasingly closer as though a relationship would blossom anytime soon. But somehow, from that day onwards, everything changed drastically. The first thing Qiao Anhao did after returning to Jingcheng was to make a new ID and the minute she received it, she booked a ticket to Shanghai. Dragging Qiao Anxia to Hangzhou, she called Lu Jinnian as usual. Lu Jinnian said that he was filming at Hengdian and wasn't able to rush over. She said that she could visit him at Hengdian. He told her that the show was private and outsiders weren't allowed. At that time, she didn't think much, believing that he was indeed busy. She was just a little disappointed and so left Hangzhou after only two days. One month later, she visited Hangzhou again, but Lu Jinnian said he was in Xi An, filming. After another half a month, she went to Hangzhou yet again and Lu Jinnian used the same filming excuse to reject her once more. Lu Jinnian was getting increasingly popular at that time, after doing well in a few memorable roles. Some of Qiao Anhao's hostel mates were even starting to fantasize about him. Females were naturally sensitive species and Qiao Anhao had already sensed that Lu Jinnian was avoiding her, but she had no idea why. She thought that it was probably her love that was causing her random thoughts. Hence, after learning that he had someone he liked, she used a good friend's tone to ask him about it.

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