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At that time, there was already a one hour train ride connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou. Hence, Qiao Anhao would often visit Qiao Anxia in Shanghai and together they would make their way over to Hangzhou, stating that it was more fun there than Shanghai. Once she was in Hangzhou, she would log into QQ to ask Lu Jinnian for a meal jokingly. Every time, Lu Jinnian would accept her request, bringing her and Qiao Anxia out for a meal. By the fourth year of her university, Qiao Anhao had accumulated a thick stack of plane tickets from Beijing to Shanghai, train tickets from Shanghai to Hangzhou, and plane tickets from Hangzhou back to Beijing. Each stack of tickets represented a meeting she had had with Lu Jinnian. Oh, not true! The stack minus three would be the accurate representation for the number of meetings they had had. Yes, he had not met her three times she went over. Before the first time he had refused to meet her, she had went over to Shanghai as usual, but since she hadn't informed Anxia prior to her arrival, Anxia had gone to France with her friends, leaving her alone in Shanghai. Unfamiliar with Shanghai, she took the train down to Hangzhou. This was the first time she had gone down alone. Previously, she would always have the company of Qiao Anxia or Xu Jiamu. Throughout the entire train ride, she was trying to figure out an excuse to meet Lu Jinnian. In the end, before she could think of an excuse, an excuse came to her. Due to her absent-mindedness, she realized only after exiting the train station that her wallet was missing. At that time, she was penniless and in an unfamiliar place. Instead of feeling upset, she felt glad that someone had stolen her wallet. She left Lu Jinnian a message and he asked for her location, telling her to stay there. She obeyed, standing at the exact same spot for nearly three hours until she saw Lu Jinnian rush over. Lu Jinnian had rushed over clothed in an ancient costume. It was an extremely worn and dirty costume that attracted everyone's attention. Only after they entered a cab did she realize that Lu Jinnian was filming in Hengdian when he received her text. Since Qiao Anhao had lost her wallet, her identification card was missing as well. Without an ID, she wasn't able to check into a hotel. Hence, Lu Jinnian brought her to his rented apartment near his school. It was an old apartment that was relatively small. The interior was simple with just some basic furniture: a bed, a desk with an old computer on top, an open style kitchen, and a washroom. Once they reached the apartment, Lu Jinnian took a shower and changed into a fresh set of clothes, then signaled for Qiao Anhao to shower before leaving with his wallet. When she came out of from the shower, Lu Jinnian had already returned with a bag of food he had placed on the desk.

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