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The only reason Qiao Anhao liked Hangzhou was because the city was pretty. But to her, no city could overshadow Lu Jinnian. Even if she knew that Lu Jinnian and A university were both unattainable dreams, she still wanted to go ahead and fight for it. That day, she set a new goal in life and that was to enter A university to become Lu Jinnian's schoolmate. It was much more difficult to enter A university than it was to enter the first class. Students from the whole country were vying for a slot there. It was a school that parents could only dream their child would enter. A person's ability was indeed infinite and her obsession for Lu Jinnian was so insane that as long as it was an opportunity to get close to him, she would go all out. From that day till the end of the exams, she immersed herself in her studies. Other than studying, sleeping, eating, and secretly thinking of Lu Jinnian which she then turned into motivation, she didn't do anything else. Her hard work was rewarded and she was repaid with amazing results. She was just one mark below Xu Jiamu and that result easily got her into A university. Qiao Anhao began to search for Lu Jinnian's results after finding hers. He had gotten about ten marks more than Xu Jiamu! The instance she found out that they all passed the cut off for A university, she started crying tears of joy. Her dreams were finally going to come true. On a hot summer day, Qiao Anhao received her acceptance letter. During an early autumn day, she happily took her acceptance letter to A university. Knowing that Xu Jiamu had also entered A university, she invited him for a drink after completing the administrative procedures. Causally she asked, "Where's Lu Jinnian? Isn't he with you?" Xu Jiamu bit his straw muttering, "My brother? He didn't come to A university, he went to Hangzhou." He paused for a while before continuing, "During the holidays, he was scouted to be a celebrity and would have to visit Hengdian often. Hangzhou is closer to Hengdian so he went to the university there." Can one know how it feels to have the whole world crushing down on you? Even after so many years, Qiao Anhao would still feel that same feeling every time she dreamed of that moment. It felt as though a ray of lighting struck her, electrifying her whole soul. She had used all of herself to work towards A university, but he had gone to Hangzhou to act?Because it was nearer to Hengdian? Wise people once said that fate was what brought people together. She and Lu Jinnian were probably two people born without fate. Even if she used up her entire soul to chase after him, to love him, she won't be able to get even a bit of it back... Youth, seemingly beautiful, was filled with sorrow. Tears started to well up in her eyes, streaming down her face.

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