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The boy seemed to have realized someone was staring at him. He looked up, sweeping a frosty glance over Qiao Anhao, jolting her back from her dreams. Treating her as thin air, he left the shelter without any emotion evident on his face. Only when the back view of the guy could no longer be seen did Qiao Anhao walk towards the bus stop. Right then, the bus arrived. Qiao Anhao tapped her card and sat down by the window. Looking out at the thoroughly washed city, the memory of the boy from before flashed past her mind. The third year of middle school was a critical period, Qiao Anhao's thoughts were quickly swept by a sea of questions, but whenever she took a break, the boy from before would cloud her mind. However, she didn't meet him even in graduation. Yet on the first day of high school, she and Qiao Anxia met Xu Jiamu and through him, she met the boy from her memories. Unlike Qiao Anhao, that boy, seemed to have forgotten their meeting in the rain. When Xu Jiamu had introduced them, he nodded his head coldly, not even bothering to open his mouth. Qiao Anhao only found out his name from Xu Jiamu afterwards. Lu Jinnian... That night, when Qiao Anhao was leaning on her desk studying, she couldn't help but write those two words in her book. Those two words consisted of many strokes. Slowly but very seriously, she wrote each stroke neatly into her book. With each stroke, Lu Jinnian was not only engraved in her book but also in her mind and her young heart. In her high school, the classes were separated according to grades. Xu Jiamu and Lu Jinnian had excellent grades, both entering the first class. Qiao Anhao and Qiao Anxia both had mediocre grades, entering the third class. Xu Jiamu and Qiao Anhao were close and would often hang out together, hence the frequency of her meeting Lu Jinnian increased significantly. With each meeting, she started to pay more attention to him, and late at night, when she lay on her bed, the frequency at which she thought of him would also increase. Gradually, it became an obsession. Whenever she went to the washroom, she would deliberately pass the first class just to sneak a peak at him. When she managed to catch a glance of his familiar form, her heart would thump uncontrollably, but whenever he wasn't around, her day would dim slightly. After class, she would drag her friends to the field for a jog, acting as though she was there to exercise when her true intention was to watch Lu Jinnian play basketball. After year one, Qiao Anhao was sure that Lu Jinnian would pick science major so she followed along blindly. She also found out that the classes would be separated according to the grades once again. In order to enter the same class as Lu Jinnian, she studied hard for the very first time in her life.

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