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They came to catch a glimpse of her acting skills, to see if Lu Jinnian's words the other day at the dining table were true. They wanted to know if she really had it in her to squash Lin Shiyi, and if she could really take on the role as the second female lead. Even Lin Shiyi, who didn't have any scenes today, came dressed in casual clothes with a few other actors. They sat under a parasol chatting away as they waited for today's shooting. Qiao Anhao's scenes today were all shot with Lu Jinnian. He hadn't finished having his make up done yet, so she went to find a relatively inconspicuous place to sit with Zhao Meng. Lu Jinnian finished his make up and arrived on set. His eyes swept flatly through the crowd of people before stopping at Qiao Anhao. She wore a jacket over her costume. Her head was turned and she was talking about something with Zhao Meng. Every now and then Zhao Meng would raise a hand and stroke Qiao Anhao's head. Lu Jinnian flashed across the make up room, past Qiao Anhao and Zhao Meng who were talking nearby. His handsome brows furrowed as he turned around and rushed towards the director who was fiddling with the security equipment not too far away. - "Qiao Qiao, Lu Jinnian's out of make up," said Zhao Meng. When Qiao Anhao heard Zhao Meng's words, she lifted her head. From afar, she saw Lu Jinnian discussing something with the director and producer before heading back into the make up room. Soon after, the director's assistant rushed over to Qiao Anhao and Zhao Meng. Qiao Anhao thought that the assistant had come to tell them to get ready to shoot, so she stood up. But as the assistant made his way to her, he apologetically said, "Miss Qiao, I'm sorry. The director told me to inform you that today's shooting has been canceled." Qiao Anhao furrowed her brows. Zhao Meng asked doubtfully, "We're not shooting?" The director's assistant continued with a smile, "Yes, Mr. Lu has something urgent to attend to and has to go back to the city. It looks like your make up today was all for nothing." Qiao Anhao asked, "So when will we start shooting my scenes?" "I estimate we'll shoot in around four or five days' time. We'll contact you when we know the specifics. We're terribly sorry Miss Qiao." After the director's assistant left, Zhao Meng couldn't help but complain under her breath, "If he had something to do, why not speak up earlier? Make up is all done, we've waited half a day, and then they tell us we aren't shooting..." - Qiao Anhao didn't think about going back to the city. After her make up was removed and she returned to her hotel room, she noticed a slight fever. Zhao Meng was so worried she wanted to take her to the hospital no matter what. Qiao Anhao was afraid that this would drag on for a few days, which would interfere with the shooting. but since she had four to five days off, she decided she might as well go back to the city. First, she went to the doctors for a check up, where they confirmed that it was nothing severe. She'd just caught a cold, and so they prescribed her some medicine. Back at Fairview Park, Qiao Anhao took the medicine and climbed into bed. After about half an hour, the medicine started to kick in. She felt dizzy and fell asleep. Perhaps it was because of the unsettling cold, but Qiao Anhao didn't sleep well. Various pictures flitted through her mind.

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