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Some say that a woman's first is the most painful. Well yeah, it was painful. But Qiao Anhao felt that the pain this time was far less bearable. Perhaps it was because she was drunk on the night of her first, or perhaps it was because she loved him. That night, he was so gentle. Even if he hurt her, the pain felt sweet. However, right now, Qiao Anhao felt like she would die from the pain. There was no joy nor excitement in this - only endless torture. Yes, torture. She felt as though he was punishing her, but also releasing some kind of resentment he felt deep down. His every movement carried no emotions, like he was using his full force in an attempt to hurt her, to inflict pain on her. For her, she was really in pain; not just physically but also in her heart. Qiao Anhao suddenly regretted personally coming over to hand him the script. She should have asked Zhao Meng to come. Perhaps she should have listened to the assistants when she overheard them saying that he was in a terrible mood after his tantrum. She should have just headed back. She shouldn't have come and stood in front of the gun. She knew full well that he didn't like her, in fact, he kind of hated her, and yet she still walked right up to his doorstep. She offered herself up for him to vent his anger. Perhaps he's two different people: one when he's in the right frame of mind, and one when he's with her. Perhaps the first two times with him she'd only felt it was wonderful because he was: once drunk, and the other time delusional from the fever. How could she forget? He once said to her, "So you want to play with me? Alright, I'll make sure to break you!" So when he snapped out of it, how could he possibly be gentle towards her? With that thought, Qiao Anhao's eyes couldn't help but well up. - After a long while, everything simmered down. Qiao Anhao felt weak, lying limp on the bathroom floor. The pain left her slightly trembling. Lu Jinnian glared and shut his eyes, staring at Qiao Anhao with a skittish look. He gulped and swiftly turned around. As he turned, his eyes revealed a creeping hint of sadness and pain. But only for a split second, then he became calm once again. And with that, his expression returned to its cold, emotionless, and distant self. He stood up and wrapped a towel around his body. Turning around, he switched off the shower and walked out of the bathroom. Without the sound of the running water, the bathroom was frighteningly quiet. The door was left ajar, and so Qiao Anhao, who lay on the cold ground, could hear the faint sounds of clothes rustling. Disoriented, she slipped into sleep. Lu Jinnian was fully dressed. He took his wallet, phone, and car keys, and was ready to leave when he passed the bathroom door. He slowed down slightly, as though he was going to glance into the bathroom, but eventually decided against it. Flashing a cold look at the door, he strode out.

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