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Qiao Anhao didn't understand just what Lu Jinnian wanted to do. Under the pressure of his body, she instinctively closed her eyes. Lu Jinnian's brow was cold as ice. He stood with head tilted and his eyes glued to Qiao Anhao. He pushed hard against her body but didn't make any other movements. Qiao Anhao was soaked from head to toe, and so was Lu Jinnian. The clothes on his body were dripping wet. In the bathroom, the sound of running water came from the shower head he had thrown into the tub. Besides this, there was silence. Deep down inside, this kind of silence and stillness in the atmosphere made Qiao Anhao feel incredibly uneasy. However, she didn't dare open her eyes. In the end, because of the cold or the nerves, she couldn't help but tremble. Such a minor gesture couldn't evade Lu Jinnian's watchful eyes. He furrowed his brows. Suddenly, he lowered his head and bit down hard onto her shoulder, where producer Sun had touched. He bit down heavily, with ferocity. A sharp pain coursed through Qiao Anhao's shoulder and traveled down the nerves of her entire body. Without knowing it, she stretched out her hand to push him away. Her actions made Lu Jinnian bite down on her shoulder even harder. Qiao Anhao's entire body began to tremble and she very clearly felt a sticky wetness trickle down from her shoulder. Yet, Lu Jinnian didn't had no intention of stopping at all. Qiao Anhao couldn't take the pain anymore. In an instant, tears began to fall, crashing onto Lu Jinnian's neck. The warm liquid slowly crept down Lu Jinnian's neck and flowed down the left of his chest. His whole body froze and he suddenly stopped biting her shoulder. However, his lips still gripped her shoulder, motionless. Seconds later, another teardrop fell onto his neck. Lu Jinnian trembled. His head darted up and he covered Qiao Anhao's lips. He kissed her - with a hint of aggression mixed with the taste of blood. They'd had physical contact on two occasions now. No matter how mad he had gotten at her previously, he was always gentle, even if he wasn't willingly so. But this time, it was different. He was harsh and severe, possessive and torturous. In pain, Qiao Anhao didn't feel quite like herself.

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