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Qiao Anhao listened to the phone beeping for a long while before realizing that "1001" was actually Lu Jinnian's room number. Why would he tell her his room number? So that she can bring the script to him? Qiao Anhao thought for a long time before coming to the conclusion that it must have been his intention. She threw Zhao Meng a random excuse and left with the script in hand. Room 1001 was a presidential suite on the top floor. While Qiao Anhao stood in the elevator, her anxiety increased with each increase of the floor number. When she finally reached the top floor, she took a deep breath before exiting the elevator with the script. She followed the arrows on the walls towards room 1001. Halfway through, she passed by the lounge area for several of the higher ranked crew members. The door for the lounge wasn't closed and inside she could hear a hushed conversation between two uniformed waitresses. "Previously, I went to room 1003 to deliver coffee and almost died of fright. Mr. Lu was in an extremely bad mood, he was nitpicking on every detail of the movie." "The person he was scolding, was it the producer of the show?" "Yes! He is the producer. When producer Sun offered him boiling water, Lu Jinnian actually waved it aside, scalding producer Sun's hands. The resort doctor just treated his hand and I heard it was quite serious." "How can it not be serious? It was boiling water! No matter what service room 1001 asks for, I'm not going. You can go instead since you are braver." ... Qiao Anhao grew increasingly more anxious and uneasy as she listened to their conversation. Cautiously, she walked to room 1001. As she looked at the tightly shut door, she took several deep breaths, then reached out to press the doorbell. Only after she had pressed it did she see the "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging on the door knob. She then knocked on the door gingerly. The door was not locked and, with just a soft knock, it sprung open. Qiao Anhao stuck her head into the room. The living room was empty so she lifted her hand to knock on the door again. Just then, Lu Jinnian opened the bathroom door dressed in casual clothes. His face was tight, expression dark. Maybe due to the fight he had with producer Sun, his whole body was emitting a frosty pressure. Qiao Anhao stood at the door, not daring to enter. She held up the script towards him. "Here's your script." Lu Jinnian swept his gaze over Qiao Anhao without any intention of going forward to reach for the script. Qiao Anhao paused for a moment before walking into the room. She didn't pass the script to Lu Jinnian but instead placed it on the living room table. "I'll put your script here." She then lifted her head to look at Lu Jinnian again. He maintained a distance, leaning against the bedroom door, seemingly too lazy to say a word.

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