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A sharp glint flashed passed Lu Jinnian eyes before he suddenly stood up. He looked at the script he had placed at the side. Before reaching it, he stopped suddenly and turned to leave with a dark expression. Seeing that Lu Jinnian had left, Producer Sun didn't dare to stay any longer. Hurriedly, he rushed after. The meal finally ended, and Qiao Anhao sighed inwardly feeling as though she was finally liberated. She remained in her seat trying hard to calm herself down before standing up to leave. Before she could take more than two steps, she heard the polite voice of a waiter from behind her. "Excuse me, could you wait a minute." Qiao Anhao turned back and saw a waiter coming forward with a script in his hand. "Miss, is this yours?" Qiao Anhao didn't bring the script down for dinner hence she shook her head. "It must be from one of members of the filming crew, could you help me pass it to them?" Qiao Anhao reached over to take the script. "Thank you," the waiter thanked her before leaving. There were only four actors present during dinner: her, Lu Jinnian, Song Xiangsi, and Cheng Yang. Since the script wasn't hers, it had belong to one of the other three. Qiao Anhao flipped open the script trying to find any indication of the owner. On the first page of the script, there were the familiar three words in strong neat strokes, "Lu Jinnian" It was actually Lu Jinnian's script. Qiao Anhao's heart pounded rapidly, resounding through her entire body. Once she reached her room, she sat down at the table, staring at the script as she debated when to pass it back to Lu Jinnian. She would have preferred to pass it back to him tomorrow morning, but he had a whole day of scenes the next day. What if he needed to memorize his lines? She could easily pass the script to any hotel worker or Zhao Meng to let them then pass it on to Lu Jinnian but she was reluctant to do so. Qiao Anhao pondered for a while before finally reaching out for her phone to call Lu Jinnian. The phone rang for a long time until he picked up. Without giving Qiao Anhao an opportunity to speak, he said, "What is it?" Even through the phone, Qiao Anhao could sense Lu Jinnian's foul mood. Anxiously, she stuttered, "You left your script in the dinning hall." Lu Jinnian was silent for about five seconds before throwing a door number, 1001, to Qiao Anhao. After that the line went dead.

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