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Qiao Anhao didn't have any scenes the first two days of filming, but she would still come punctually just to take a look and familiarize with the place. On the first day of filming, Lu Jinnian didn't turn up as he didn't have any scenes. On the second day, he had one scene. Arriving at 10 am, he didn't rush to get prepared, but instead he had sat down on a chair to observe the filming. Due to Lu Jinnian's presence, even the actors without any scenes came. However, due to Lu Jinnian's frosty aura, no one dared to approach him or even come close to him, causing an invisible barrier of three meters around his spot. During lunch time, everyone gathered for the packed food and Lu Jinnian was no exception. He accepted the food without any complains and began to eat silently. He ate gracefully, emitting an aristocratic air. After his meal, he entered the dressing room to get prepared for his role. The scene Lu Jinnian had today was with Song Xiangsi. Song Xiangsi had started filming in the morning and was already prepared by lunch time. After Lu Jinnian was ready, Song Xiangsi's makeup artist immediately came forward to touch up her makeup before the lighting and filming crew positioned themselves. Lu Jinnian and Song Xiangsi both debuted around the same time and had acted as a couple in multiple blockbusters. Both possessed good looks that matched each other, garnering the "Best on-screen Couple" title. Since they had worked together multiple times, they were familiar with each other's working style. Even if they weren't acting as a couple this time, they were able to portray the atmosphere and emotions required for the scene perfectly. The smooth filming earned endless praises from the director as he continuously shouted, " Good! Great! Keep it up!" Halfway through the scene, the director called for a break, signaling for the makeup artist to touch up their makeup. Lu Jinnian took two sips of the water his assistant had passed him before waving it away. After getting his makeup touched up, he went to the filming location to wait. After Song Xiangsi finished touching up, they continued with the scene. After getting everyone immersed in the filming previously, they also stunned those watching with their acting in the second half of the filming. They perfected the scene to the point people started to question if it was reality. The second half of the scene finished successfully and, by the time the scene ended, the set was deep in silence. After about ten seconds, the director came back to his senses, shouting, "Cut" After that scene, the filming for the day officially ended. They were filming in a resort in Jing Cheng, and since the filming had to be done in private, the whole resort had to be booked, resulting in all the crew members having to stay in the resort hotel.

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