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The atmosphere around the dining table started to turn suspicious. The crowd begun sneaking glimpses at Qiao Anhao. She was naturally aware of their thoughts. Her role was indeed exchanged with her body.... Due to her lack of confidence, she didn't know how to react, and her expression was one of startlement. Her startled expression seemed to be that of someone at a loss for being exposed. The atmosphere at the table sunk. Qiao Anhao was flustered and embarrassed, feeling painfully exposed in front of a large crowd. Zhao Meng, her manager thought desperately, trying to find a way to salvage the awkward situation. Just as the heavy atmosphere was about to reach a breaking point, Lu Jinnian, who was seated directly in front of Qiao Anhao, lifted his eyes to look at her. She sat there with her lashes lowered, trying desperately to stay calm, but her tightly clenched lips betrayed her. He stared at her for about five seconds before looking away. He spoke coldly, frosting up the surroundings. "Miss Lin, there have always been a saying in the industry, don't you know? Luck is a form of your capability." Lu Jinnian seemed to be speaking casually, but it became apparent to the crowd that it was not luck but her acting skills that won Qiao Anhao the role. Lu Jinnian's words also insinuated that Lin Shiyi was not capable enough to hold onto the role! Even though Qiao Anhao didn't know why Lu Jinnian had helped her out of the siege, she still felt warm and excited. Remaining calm, she lifted the corners of her lips into a smile, and in a humble voice, she said, "There is a lot for me to learn, I hope I won't be a burden to the crew." Lu Jinnian's words held authority and were finite. Together with Qiao Anhao's humble voice, the crowd couldn't help but think favorably of her. In an instance, everyone started singing her praises before moving on to another topic. Seated in a corner, Lin Shiyi still had a smile plastered on her face, but gradually, her face clouded. She had wanted to put Qiao Anhao in a situation, but now, she had actually harmed herself! If it wasn't for Qiao Anhao, she would have been the one acting alongside Lu Jinnian! And it was a dream for all female actresses to act alongside him! After the meal, Qiao Anhao left for the bathroom. When she returned to the banquet hall, most of the people had already left, leaving it almost empty. When she arrived, she saw that the parking lot was full, so the car had been parked far away. Zhao Meng had went to collect it while Qiao Anhao was in the bathroom.

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