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Only Song Xiangsi reached for the menu. Gracefully, she opened it, ordering two of her favorite dishes Qiao Anhao only came back to her senses when the menu reached her, She gave the waiter a slight smile while waving her hands, indicating that she didn't want to order anything before returning the menu to him. After the waiter left with the menu, Qiao Anhao lifted her head to look at Lu Jinnian, who was directly in front of her. The banquet hall was dimly lit with warm lights, a ray hitting Lu Jinnian's face, giving him a distant feeling. Beside him sat the director for 'Alluring Times'. Lu Jinnian shook his head slightly at something the director said, then continued listening. He seemed to have sensed Qiao Anhao's gaze as he suddenly turned, looking straight at her. She immediately turned in shock, pretending to be speaking to Zhao Meng. She was almost caught. Qiao Anhao dared not look in Lu Jinnian's direction again. In a dinner like this, there would definitely be alcohol. Maybe due to Lu Jinnian's presence, producer Sun generously ordered two bottles of royal salute whiskey. The waiter poured a full cup for everyone, refilling at least 2-3 times before the atmosphere became warm and joyous. Lu Jinnian remained quiet. Even if others came to give toast, he barely spoke, only rising his glass. When others came to greet him, he would nod slightly. His face remained cold and emotionless, giving the impression that he had come from another world. In a dinner like this, everyone was trying to form connections, but because of Lu Jinnian, Qiao Anhao remained reserved, unlike the other actors who kept trying to engage with the producer and director. Only when the others came to talk to her did she respond and smile warmly. In opposition to Qiao Anhao's reserved nature, Song Xiangsi seemed to be out of place. She seemed to be here just to eat dinner. Dignified and elegant, she sat in her seat, gracefully picking up the food bits one by one with her chopsticks, occasionally taking a sip of water. Halfway through the dinner, the producer beside Qiao Anhao seemed to have recalled something. He turned his head and looked at Qiao Anhao before shouting out, "I almost forgot, everyone here has worked together one way or another and must be familiar with each other. Now, I would like to introduce our second female lead... " The producer wanted to say her name, but he could only remember her surname. He stopped momentarily, then turned to look at Qiao Anhao. "Why don't you introduce yourself to everyone."

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