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Even though that was what she was thinking, Qiao Anhao kept a bright smile on her face. As she shook hands with producer Sun, she continued with the act. "Nice to meet you producer Sun. Now, don't listen to Shiyi, there is so much that I need to learn and improve on. But I have often heard Shiyi speak highly of you and your work ethics." If it was just simple bootlicking, to leave a good impression, Qiao Anhao was fully capable. Producer Sun was delighted by Qiao Anhao's words. Smiling brightly, he looked up at her, a tinge of shock staining his eyes. The entertainment industry was saturated with beauties and a large portion had gone under the knife. One just had to pay a bit more attention to see the similarities or to discover the unnaturalness. But the woman in front of him had a clean beauty with delicate features, giving off a bright and fresh vibe. Beside her stood Lin Shiyi, who still wore a bright smile, but there was an unfamiliar coldness when she looked at Qiao Anhao. By the time she was finishing with her greeting to producer Sun, the majority of the crew had already arrived. Producer Sun deliberately positioned himself beside Qiao Anhao. After everyone found their seats, Qiao Anhao found that the four seats directly in front of her were empty. Who hadn't arrived here yet? Just as she was scanning the table to find out who was missing, the banquet hall door opened and in came three people. The director for 'Alluring Times', the female lead Song Xiangsi, and the male lead Cheng Yang. Cheng Yang was the only male actor that had managed to get popular despite Lu Jinnian's monopoly over the industry. But he definitely couldn't surpass his adversary. If not for Lu Jinnian's deliberate attempts to support him, bringing him along to every film he acted in, there would have been no way Cheng Yang could have gained such fame. As for Song Xiangsi, she was the female version of Lu Jinnian, the nationally acclaimed goddess and best female lead. "I'm sorry for being late, the traffic was bad," the director explained while smiling cheekily after he sat down. Cheng Yang expressed his regret for being late before politely finding a seat. As for Song Xiangsi, she nodded towards the crowd lightly as a form of greeting before sitting down elegantly. Seeing that almost everyone was here, the waiter came forward to ask, "Now that everyone is here, can we serve the food?" The producer waved his hand saying, "Wait a minute, one more person isn't here yet." The producer and director were the highest ranking people in a filming crew and now that they had both arrived, they chose to wait for someone instead of ordering the food? Everyone looked around curiously and finally someone asked, "Who's not here yet?" The director quickly answered, "Our second male lead." Second male lead? Even the male lead was here, but they were waiting for the second male lead? Who exactly was he?

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