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Even though Lu Jinnian didn't manage to complete his sentence, Qiao Anhao was sure it wouldn't have been anything nice. She had been trying to figure out Lu Jinnian's actions for the past few days. It was him who had asked her what kind of reward she wanted, but when she had complied, treating her own body as a transaction tool, he became so infuriated he wanted to strangle her, even tossing her out the mansion. After his phone call, she finally understood his anger... He must have thought she was overestimating her body. She should have thought of this way earlier, shouldn't she? He had no intention of sleeping with her, from the very beginning. So how was her body worth a second lead in 'Alluring Times'? If it wasn't for his fever, he probably wouldn't have wanted to touch her... right? She must be the only woman in the world that was despised after being slept with... Similarly, she must be the only wife in this world who found out her husband's phone number only after five months of marriage. Her lips couldn't help curling upwards. She smiled deprecatingly at herself, sorrow clouding her eyes. 'Alluring Times' was a highly anticipated film that Huan Ying Entertainment had spent twenty million on. After preparing for two years, even an internationally acclaimed production and filming crew were engaged. With such gimmicks, it was enough to garner attention even before the filming had started, blazing up on weibo. The film had a star studded cast with the exception of Qiao Anhao. Even a small side role in the film was a nationally acknowledged famous second lead. On the first day, there was a simple ceremony. All the actors were present except for the second male lead. The official shooting would start on the second day and the first day was solely dedicated to an opening ceremony. The whole crew for 'Alluring Times' would be invited to a dinner so they could familiarize with each other before the actual shooting. By the time Qiao Anhao rushed over, the banquet hall was already full. She had done research on all the crew members before the filming had began. She was well informed on all the crew and actors in the film. Everyone had entered the industry long before her, so it was necessary for her to be polite, greeting them one by one. The producer of 'Alluring Times' was seated in the front row. Just as Qiao Anhao was going to shake his hand, someone beat her to it, reaching out their hand in greeting, "Mr. Sun, long time no see."

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