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Qiao Anhao drove straight to Mian Xiu Garden after leaving Lu Jinnian's mansion. Without any fame or job, she spent the following four days cooped up inside the mansion. In these four days, Lu Jinnian never once came home. One night, maybe due to her long afternoon nap, Qiao Anhao tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. She reached for her phone and looked at the time--it was close to 12 am. She then looked at the empty half of the bed thinking, 'He probably won't be back again tonight.' If he came back, she would get anxious. But if he didn't, she couldn't help feeling disappointed. Qiao Anhao pulled away her blanket, leaving the bed. Walking towards the balcony, she looked out into the night, a expression of loneliness clouding her face. In his heart, he must have never thought of her as his wife... For the majority of the past five months, she had been left alone to guard this empty room. Qiao Anhao looked out a while longer until her phone rang. Returning to the bedroom, she reached for her phone and saw a long stretch of unfamiliar numbers. Who would call her at such a late hour? She hesitated before answering. With a gentle voice, she asked, "Hello, who is this?" The caller ignored her question, going straight to the point, "Next week, you will officially enter the crew for 'Alluring Times' as the second female lead." The hand grabbing the phone tightened in an instance. Never would she have expected Lu Jinnian to inform her personally. Taking a deep breath, she replied calmly, "I understand. Thank you... Lu..." Qiao Anhao was about to say his full name but stopped herself, correcting it to, "Mr. Lu." Her words seemed to have entered the sea, there being no chance of a reply. If not for the buzzing sound from the phone, she would have thought Lu Jinnian had hung up. After a long while, so long that Qiao Anhao started to wonder if he had forgotten to hang up and started debating on whether she should hang up herself, Lu Jinnian's cold emotionless voice came through. "There is no need to thank me. Miss Qiao exchanged for it with her body. But I must say, Miss Qiao's body is definitely valuable to be able to get a second lead in 'Alluring Times'..." Lu Jinnian seemed to have more to say, but he suddenly stopped, and after about two seconds, the line went dead.

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