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Just having awoken from deep sleep, Lu Jinnian was in a daze. He stared at Qiao Anhao for about two seconds before lowering his gaze to his hand that was clutching her wrist. Frowning, he tried to think of why she would reach out to touch him. Sleepily, he muttered coldly, "What are you trying to do?" Just then, Lu Jinnian recalled that he had gone to the mansion in Yi mountain. He looked around doubtfully, confirming that he was indeed in the bedroom at the mansion in Yi mountain. He returned his gaze back to Qiao Anhao before asking straight forwardly, "How did you know about this place? Who allowed you to come in?" The minute he finished asking, he caught sight of the shirt that she was wearing. He frowned, realizing that under the blanket, he was not wearing anything. Memories of the two of them deeply entwined on the bed flashed, and he returned his gaze to Qiao Anhao once again. Kiss marks littered her porcelain skin that was not covered by the shirt... Lu Jinnian exerted more strength with the hand he had on Qiao Anhao's arm. "Last night..." That two words were enough to put Qiao Anhao in a frenzy. What was destined to come would come... Instinctively, she started to explain, "I heard that you were sick so I came to give you some medicine..." She stopped midway, not knowing how to continue explaining. Even though Lu Jinnian had been in a daze, he could still vaguely make out what had happened. The bitter substance in his mouth was medicine and she had kissed him to stop him from spitting it out... Lu Jinnian's lips moved and his cold expression warmed slightly. Qiao Anhao continued to panic as Lu Jinnian remained silent, not saying a word. She hesitated momentarily before continuing, "I never expected that would happen last night..." Before Qiao Anhao could finish her sentence, her arm was roughly cast aside by Lu Jinnian. Shocked by his strength, she staggered backwards. Before she could stabilize herself, his haughty voice sounded, "What do you want?" The suddenness of those four words left Qiao Anhao speechless. Unable to process them, she looked at him in confusion. Lu Jinnian saw her gaze and, reading her expression, continued, "Previously, you climbed into my bed for a role in 'To the End of Time'. This time, I slept with you, what do you want in return?"

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